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Archaeon Uriel is a Regent Prince of the Cherubim and said to be one of the oldest of the Angels. His name means “God’s Fire” or “God’s Light”. He is also a Regent of the Star World, Angel of the Resurrection Flame and a sacred Guardian of order and matter. He is one of the most earthly of the Angelics, being very connected with Earth’s progression and the evolvement of all sentient and non-sentient forms thereon. He may be seen carrying a lantern, symbolising his role in bringing God’s Light to us. He is also often depicted carrying a book or scroll containing the Divine Laws, which are those Laws ordained by Source that order and regulate Life for all sparks of creation, and which we are asked to observe and follow.

The main colour associated with him is red, especially the more earthy shades of the colour, and it is often shot through with orange Light. Lady Grace, who works with beauty, grace and art within form told us: “The orange ray is connected with the sacral chakra, with sexuality, with creativity and with art. All of these are the ultimate demonstrations of the powers of creation, both on a physical and non-physical level, which have been allowed free expression through the Divine gift of free-will. You may choose to direct creation in any way – you have the choice. Sometimes you may choose to create something negative that brings an unprecedented opportunity to learn from it. This learning has the potential to bring understanding, change and then growth, as you see that you do not have to suffer from or tolerate the negative, but have the power and Will to change the situation or the way you react to it or feel about it. Conversely you may create something that fills you with a feeling of absolute fulfilment.” The etheric temples of Uriel and his Lady – Aurora, the Lady Grace – are to be found over the Tatra Mountains, near Krakow in Poland, and over Hawaii, which he shares with the Elohim Peace and Aloha. However, like Sandalphon, their focus is everywhere on Earth because of their devotion and purpose in working to bring Divine Light and Grace to us all, wherever we may be.

On the Rainbow bridge of the Rays between the Earthly and the Divine, Uriel watches over the earthly side and Metatron the heavenly side – each one monitoring and regulating what passes from one to the other. Metatron’s province is the void, which is the place wherein lies the potential for the creation of all and any thing. Uriel’s province is that of order, structure and materialisation (the formation of matter through thought and word) for all Beings here on Earth. He is a Master of Form and understands and directs all sacred form, using the blueprints contained in what is known as “Metatron’s Cube” or Matrix. He had this to say about this matrix: “Within this shape is anything that you might need to draw upon in your life and existence – both in physicality and in spirituality. It contains all the models with which you can create and make things manifest as you grow and progress on all levels of your being. It contains the maps and plans for every single step that you might need to take on your journey – both in this lifetime and others, as you return to Unity and to Source. It contains the complete guide to fully understanding your spiritual and physical self, which carries within it so much ancient and archaic knowledge and mystery that it would require many years of study, focus and determination to fully appreciate.”

Once creation on the Earth plane begins, it comes into being under his direction, and he oversees the very first steps in manifestation and also the subsequent growth and metamorphosis of what has been made manifest. Uriel is very powerful and energising, yet somehow there is also an immense feeling of peace and calm about his energy, which is strengthening and stabilising and feels very grounded and steady. It is also extremely structured and organised, giving what feels like a very firm foundation on which we can build in the most effective and dynamic way. To us as individuals these are all important qualities, as one of Uriel’s tasks is to set us into motion and help direct our strengths at a particular goal. If we are to succeed in something, we stand the best chance of success if our project is built on very strong foundations and organised and planned in the optimal way. Whereas Sandalphon plants the seeds of ideas, potentials and possibilities within us, Uriel takes us through the next stages and supports us in developing and understanding the true nature and effect of what we are creating.

Uriel is also charged with anchoring Divine Light and consciousness into all matter, not just for mankind alone, but for all sentient and non-sentient forms. He reigns over the creation of materials and structures that form all things in accordance with the Divine Plan. This means that he is involved at the most basic level in guiding the building and growth of all things, whether living or non-living. For us in physicality he watches over our body and aims to keep our body, mind and soul in harmony. He knows what our own personal Divine blueprints are, and works to ensure that these remain true, encouraging us to listen to our body’s wisdom. He supports us in our healing and in correcting any deviations we have made from our blueprint, and guides us back to the accurate path. Uriel also works with all those who construct both tangible and intangible things, such as the design and structure of buildings; the planning and bringing forth of new books and teaching materials; or the conception and bringing together of groups and organisations of all sorts. This might be as simple as starting a new business venture or as complex as forming a government or a worldwide organisation (like the UN). He also has a hugely responsible task in guiding the structure of the planet herself, both on a physical basis and an etheric basis. This includes the formation of new land through volcanic activity, earth movements or other changes and overseeing the formation and maintenance of etheric constructions, including grid and ley lines on the surface of the planet as well as the etheric grids that surround her. He is also the one who guides the reconstruction on and of the planet following any physical devastation, whether this is of man-made origin or through natural causes. Uriel works closely with Sanat Kumara, Hilarion, Sananda and Metatron and Sandalphon.