RainbowAurora ~ 13



77.77$ And One Hour Will Buy You A Heart .. Not Many Like To Honor That Organ Unless It Comes To Terminal Diseases Requiring Attention. Or Cardi0-Exercices . The Rest Is All Mind-Ego-Appearance Based. Soon As Beings Start To Have Awakening Experiences (Not To Mention Those Who Are BORN Awake In The Work ..) They Go Through Intense Purging Experiences Letting Go Of Beings In Their Lives, Relationships, Families, Foundations They Once “Thought” Were Solid .. Etc .


Sessions Avail Here Till The World Ends.


Once You Enter The World Of Purity And Honesty And Feeling; Once You Allow Your Heart To Take Full Control, Only Then CAN Your Dreams Of Beyond True Love MANIFEST .


Have You Ever Been So In Love At One Moment In Time And Space Air Was Filling Your Lungs To The Point Of Suffocation But You Couldn’t But Inhale Harder In To Allow That Love To Get You High Like Yar Seein’ Stars?  Hearts Need No Words. Love Is The Only Universal Truth.


So Wonderful To Have Assisted So Many In Operation Heart Opening. Energies Are So Fast Now We Cannot But Celebrate The Water Park Slides And All The Spiritual Gangsta’s Here To Visit And Splash While The Goddess Is By The River In Her Bikini Bringing On Heaven Energies With Her Every-Breath Surrounded With The Most Stunning Crystal Formations, Laughter, And All The Rainbow Angels. My FAVS // What’s Uriel Up To ? Oh .. He’s Filming Every Mother-Fucker Going Down Poseidon’s Revenge Slide; Atlantis Style ~ ((Hearts In Atlantis Now So In Tune With Hearts In Lemuria)). Posting Their Faces Online For Public Viewing. HAHAHAHA ~ Thx Dove For Being So Incredible As My Anchor. King Flame Diamond Heart.


Aloha HAWAII ~ Here’s Yet Another Ho’oponopono To Cover All GRounds . And A Violet Flame Splash Across Milky-Way-Aurora XOXO