RainbowAurora ~ YES


Over The Roof Tops . SKY HIGH Been Hanging With My Flame So High For So Ever ~ I Am Fuckin’ Insane Over You Milky-Way ~~~~~ Magician Darling My Only Gangstah That CAN Pull It OFf ! Go Brigade Way Way Faster This Train Is ABout To Catch Fire . Feed The Little Monsters. RA . Amon . AMENO ~ BOW TO ALL TROOPS >> RAINBOW DUCKS IN ORDAH . It’s TIME MOLECULAR TO SPARK IT ALL UP .

AURORA DIAMOND RAINBOW SIGNAL GREEN LIGHT FULL ON TO ALL CO-CREATORS ON ALL LEVELS ALL STRATAS ALL ORDERS LET’S KICK IT HIGH GEAR INTO LOVE >  Wooohooo To Right About Just NOW . Cut The Crap . Feed The BS Right Back . Catchem All. Crushem . 1 2 5 7 9 11 22 33 66 8888 10000000000000000000000000 Send It Right Back To Cabal Land Where They Can All Hang Out Together As One Minus The Masks .

I Know What You All do Every Summer . My Assistant’s Got Your Numbers . I Don’t Bother > Cheers To My Friends At The End Of The World ….