RainbowAurora ~ WillTheRealLuciPleaseStandUp >> IRepeat

Beloved Father Of All Creation I ….

Apologize For My Shadow Self That Is Wired Up To Choose Hardship And Sacrifice And Self Deprecation As Well As Sticking Around Those Who Will Make Sure To Make Me Feel In These Ways!

LOL ~ Dog Days Are Over And I Hope This Finds You In Great Spirits .

Please Give Me the Go Once More And The Rainbow Angels Are All About Me In Your Loving Embrace As 9-11 Approaches! Rocking This World With Our Divine Marriage On + Watchin’ It Rain Down Upon Us As WE Get That Love Train Going ..


Thanks For Your Loving Arms And The Portal Back Home Into The Heart for All In Creation As I Gather Back My Full Power And Restore Gaia-Aurora’s Fullness On Our Way To Heaven On Earth In Our Hearts As One !

Love You With All That I Am ~ Thanks For Making This Possible And All My Dreams Of True Love Come True