RainbowAurora ~ NewNewNew: NO B.S ZONE

Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals Cleanse Spaces Amazingly ~ Need For Speed ? Sprinkle Some All Around Your Place And Be Sure To Notice How Quickly All Darkness Is Dispelled And Any With-held Secrets Come To The Surface // Then Watch Yourself Be Guided To Your Next Step Forward ! WOW ~

Are You Calling In Your Angels, Archangels And Clearing Your Field?

Are You Using Rainbow Aurora’s Rainbow Bazooka And Sword Consistently?

Are You Writing Letters To Your Angels And Burning Them?

Are You Daily Meditating With Trees?

Have You Left Your Past Where It Belongs ? Have You Disconnected From The 3D Grid?> Have You Felt Love? Are You Being Love? Are You On Your Mission To Assist Mother-Gaia, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Aurora, Mother-Of-New-Creation On Her Ascension? Are You Living Your Dream? Have You Fully Embodied Your Higher Self? Have You Made Amends With Being And Staying In Right Action? Have You Graduated The School Of Love? Have You Even Enrolled Yet? Do You Know How To Find The Door? Have You Met Your Angelic Team?

Are You Honoring Yourself In The Highest? Are You Aligned With Your Soul’s Purpose? Are You Taking The Steps Necessary To Be In Highest Alignment With The Next Level?


We Love You So >> The ARCTURIAN Group & Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora

We Got Your Answers! Gots To Have The Courage To Get Them!

Patience Truly Is A Virtue 🙂