RainbowAurora ~ Bringin’SexyBack



It’s A Must ~ Please Accept Our Invite To Chilli’s While We Order Cheese Balls (Thousand Islands Dressing) For All, Incredible Burgers n Fries + Triple-Berry-Crumble-Cakes! Blue -Moons For All …

It’s Menstruation FULL MOON On Aurora-Milky-Way-GALAXY And We ARe CELEBRATING LOVE!

Look At Your Phone N Watch Your Number One Feminine Earth Angel Hit The Highest Notes In Creation Of Love Everywhere Present, And Your Number One Masculine Earth Angel Hit Those Same Notes.

Look In Front Of You And Watch Your Angel Having Dinner In Your Face So Enmeshed In Calling The Waitresses Something Besides Their Real Name And Remember Your Dad.

That’s The Type Of The Hot Day You Have After You Sit All Day In A Hot Bath And A Hot Bed Turning Around To Hot Tunes And Getting Higher Than High ! For The Benefit Of All In Cray- Cray After A Cool Morn Where You Connect With Daddy And Cousin And After An Afternoon Where You Find Out You Have WON!!!

DANG That Corn-on-The Cob Salted Plus The Hearty Guac! Do Your Yoga While The Masculine You Share Space With Is Listening To Some 5D Transmissions Or The Two Of You Meditating To A Kundalini Rise Mantra For A Whole Hour While You Use Your Diamond Crystals To Heal Your Solar Plexus.

Your (((9:11)) Spectrum Of Awareness Flashing Feelings Of Love From Your Fav Light workers GAIA GLOBAL As We Get Ready To Rock N Roll Y’all.

Relive The Best Moments With Each FAV And Moan Out Loud ~ Uhhh How Blessed We Are to Be God’s Favorite Angels Here To Bring On VICTORY OF THE LIGHT~

We Love The Galactic Confederation Of Light And Are Grateful For

Mother Of New Creation’s Brilliant NUMBER-1 RAINBOW ANGELS ~~ HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE ON EARTH, HOTTEST BLONDS ABOUT TO RULE ~! Ready For Your VIP Tables, Rooms And Special VIP Treatments ?

The Company Of Heaven Loves All In Creation

RENEGADE CHEERS TO ALL WINNERS ~ If You Find Yourself Around Criticism Always Make Sure You Cut Chords Within And Without. Sooner Or Later You Will Be Extrapolated From That Energetic Space Of Masculines Vibing At Lower Old-Paradigm Child-Ishness Levels In Regards To Your Dreams Of True Love Coming True ~ Invite In The New-Creation Energies Whereby You Are Moment To Moment Worshiped For Your Totality And Adored ..

In The Interim All You Can Do Is Transmute Within Whatever Is Feeling Like The Funniest Dramatic Show That Creation Is Placin In Your Face In A Moment You Are Fully Responsible Of Your Own Present Moment Choices, Paying For What You Get Moment To Moment And Remaining In.

Why Are You Doing This? And Why Isn’t Your Heart Pulling You Else-Where At The Speed Of Light Given The Current Circumstances”? … Cos The Rest Of The Hearts Aren’t Magnetized Enuf Yet. Out Of Thirst Comes Real Need For Physical Manifestations. And That’s Only Available With Truth In Genomes Basically; Initial Blue-print Stuff. Anything Less Will Not Be Allowed In To Pull Out The P{R}IncE$$ ~ LOVERS CARD .


You Light Me Up ~ uhhhhh

Thanks Beloved Archangel Uriel For Comin’ Up As The NothingNess //Black Is The New White// Card Today ! ~ We Love You So

My Holiest Of Angels Are The Hottest In Creation. I Love Your Flames Like I Love Love. Uhhhhhh Beauties All Over That Motherfucker. Let’s Keep Rockin ‘ It Hot N Sound