RAinbowAurora ~ FOCUSinDESIGN

Dear ALL ~

It’s Time For All To Focus Our Energies In The Direction Of Wisdom And Highest Manifestation For All. Have You Been Giving Your Power Away In The Name Of ‘Mother Theresa’ ? That Is Plain And Simply Wrong Action. Being A Giver Is One Thing. Wasting One’s Resources On Things That Are Not Nourishing One’s Soul. Another.

Give From Your Over-Flow And Be Emphatic To Your Angels About Your Basic Needs Being Met. We Are Powerful Manifestors And Everytime We Choose Fear Over Love, Meaning False Evidence Appearing Real, We Are Once Again Handing Our Power Away To Another Which Is In No Way Assisting Either Party And That Is True For Both Parties.

Doors Are Opening Up. Our Higher Self Knows Exactly Every Moment Which Option Is In the Highest Benefit For All In Creation And The Energies Are Regulated Accordingly.




It’s A Time Of Harvest. Blessings . Are You Choosing Heart? ~ As Always Awareness Transforms Into Consciousness.

The Eclipse Results Are Activated Today. WOW ~ Enjoy! Embrace One’s Own Divinity. Embrace Mother-God, Mother-Gaia, Holy-Spirit, Mother-Of-New-Creation Within ~ And Without. That Is The Only Way Love Wins . Do You Enjoy Being Homeless? Poor? Lacking? Not Living In Highest Alignment With Your True Potential?

You Are Not In Highest Alignment With Love=God. To Deny The Love Of God, Holy-Spirit, Mother-Of-New-CReation, Is To Deny The Love In You.

Mind-Ego Is What Is In The Midst Of The GReat Gathering . Anyone In Service To Heart Knows Better Than Not .

Those Energies ARe All About Receiving The Fruition Of One’s Own Works. Have You Been In Right Action? Wow And Wow And Congrats! Have You Been In Wrong Action? Ok … Reap Your Own Results.

We Have Been Warning You All Since Forever And There Isn’t One Way We Have Not Tried.. We Have Created Schools, Movements, Religions And All The Rest In Order To Match Your Mind’s Vibrations In Order To Gently Push You To Reawaken Your Hearts.

Please Know It Is All Out Of Love And The Truth Is More Powerful Than All Other Agents. Flow Within The Greatness While Us, The Last Rainbow Renegades Are Resolving The Darkest Glitches Within And Without, All Monitored Closely By Us Here At www.lovedima.com God-Head Of Heaven On Earth.

We Love You So And Are Grateful For All The Daily True Love And Light.

See You All Soon As The End Of The Old-Paradigm Stealing Power From Earth Angels Is About To Once And For All Be Totally Stopped. Enjoy 5D As We Fully Move Forward Into New Creation. Melt That Ego And Open Your Hearts!~

I Am Archea Rainbow Aurora And Full Body Integration Is Almost Complete. Rejoice And the Voice Is About To Fully Come Back Online Bringing On The Greatest Energies For All.

Wooohooooo! Mother Of New Creation Is Greeting All Home Into The Light.

Thanking Father For His Wonderful Vertical Ascension ~

Thanks For Being You . Always Greatest. You Are Love Just The Way You Are!