RainbowAurora ~ AreYouReady4

Navigating Energies With Words And Words Typed Shifting Energies Around ~ No One Has To Know 😉 Island Breeze IslanDoll*Ah ~ Amazing How Words Have Impacts On Beings You’d Feel They Know Better Than Words And Read The Love Flowing Through But It Ain’t The Case In A Mind World Globulum Matrix ~~~ Then They Call You Flip Flop And That’s Cool Too >> WHY ??

No Why Questions Is The Rule In The Current Catch 22 Reality Everyone Goes By However Here’s Why . Mister Catch 22 Global Preaches Non-Duality And Displays Behaviors That Are Highly Dual. I Dare U To Attempt To Break It ~ YA CAN’T.

Dare You To Be In A Room With. Ya Similarly Can’t. Then go To MISS Catch 22. Call Me Later. Good Friggin’ Luck. I Been Everywhere. I Catch 44 The Catch 22z And Then Don’t Get Caught >>>

Cos I’m Catch Proof LOL ~ And Apres Moi Le Deluge Meaning ~ It’s A Highly Advanced Navigation Compass System Crowning All Compasses And Able To Re-polarize And Magnetize Compass World To Truth Standards . Webs Of Ignorance And Webs Of Make-Believe Passed On Through Generations Are Being Canceled-Out On Masculine Divine Body-Soul Hologram Before Anything Else .

The Rest Of The Equation? A Bunch Of Scared Adults That Think They Know Better Than Love>>>>> Dat Stuff Don’t Fly Not In Any YOU*N*I*VERSE And The Make Believe Protection Tools Used Are Easily Busted By Any Monarch Butterfly ~ Nom Nom Nom Eats The CAT*er*PILLAR Before The SmurfORMATION ~ Back Home Into Freedom Non-Illusion . Do Whatever You Like And Remember To Remember We’re All On The Same Team YO Nothin Can Be Hidden From Plain Sight That Would Be DENIAL Which Rules Old-Paradigm ShnAAAGGLE Popsicle !

Can You Feel The Excitement Mounting As Egos Get Over Themselves And Believe Me When I Say (( Go Ask Archangel Michael)) I am The Queen Of Ego And Know Too Well What Switches To Play With To Undo All Else Before Myself . Why? That’s Just How It Works, The Ancient Teachings Are All Weaved Inside n Out And Ain’t No Foolin’ That Frequency > Go To A Commercial Massage Artist . Or Anywhere Out There. It’s A Losing Game.

Touch Base Home Into All That Is . Ask The Atoms They Will Show You How To Get Here. Get Intelligence OR You’re A Dead Dog. God Not Dog. Eat Sleep Piss And Shit And the Rest Is None Of Your Business Not Two Poof Is Not That . Follow Thy Heart >

Ego Out Of My Face Mother-Fuckers. Ya Can’t One Up Zero Point. Better Believe That.

Yo North Korea Wassup And Easy On the Nuclear Matters . Texas We Love You. Wish I Could Be Everywhere All At Once Already Like It’s Supposed To And Heal The World All At Once Already With A Swipe Of A Hand Like Only Mother Of New Creation Is Able TO.

May All Obstacles Get Out Of The Way. Cut The Necks Of The Dark Witches, Evil Eyes, With One Look. Keep Your Swords Clean For Today. Shine On .

I Am Aurora Bringer Of The Light And I Go Where It’s Darkest. Just For Fun. I Feed On Your Egos For Breakfast. That’s How I Stay High Metabolism Slim Shady / Let GO Of Everything You Ever Thought And Just Be. Oh And Happy Labor Day Weekend . Work Is Play Errybody!