RAinbowAurora ~ FIRIN’UpDemGRID$$$


Dang And GReetings!

Here’s A Quick Announcement As The Fire Burns Brighter And www.lovedima.com Gets Ready For Justice September, Forward Motion September, Miracle September And Victory September, Entailing All The Long Years Of Hard Work Finally Baring Fruit!!!!

Yipppeeeee And Thanks To All Angels Showin’ Up On My Path Openin’ Up Ways Of Manifestation As Well As The Constant Love Flowing From Source=Heart ! Such Miracles As The Divine Fem Fully Steps Into Power And Reclaims Her Wholeness!!!!

Whooop Whoooop!

Have Skill ? ((He Got Milk But So Do Cows)) ~ Please Doll Do Not Ever Jeopardize Your Dreams Of True Love And Hard Work. Stay True To You And Reap Your Rewards. Have Faith In Your Own Divinity And Keep Makin’ It Happen … Only You Know How Good It Feels When You Are In All Honesty And Truth Aligned With Your Highest Gifts, And On Mission!

Also to Divine Fems Contacting Me With Mixed Communications With Fellow Divine Fems … Easy Tigers, Mercury Turning Forward Soon And All Hearts Feelin’ That Forward Motion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Go And LET GO!! ~ Always Follow Your Heart ~ See You Soon Hilton World !!!!!

Renewed Vigor And Enthusiasm!! Cannot Wait To Love You Harder !