RAinbowAurora ~ WakeMeUpWhenSeptemberEnds?!!


Wow ! 11:11 9:01 >>

Morning Angel Cakes!

Wow What Would Divine MAsculines Be Without Our Assistance! Divine Plan Must Come Into Manifestation! This Is What Happens At The Thirteenth Hour ! Wassup Divine Council Of Thirteen And Thanks To Hollywood For Always HAving My Back And All The Jobs Extended ~ Suicide OR Sannyas Is The Way To Go ~ Corner Yourselves And Once Your Desire To Awaken Is Stronger Than That Of Getting The NExt Oxygen Molecule In Your Lungs .. That’s When All In Creation Sing Songs Of PRaise And FireWorks Go-Off .. That’s One In A Million Please Don’t Be Fooled By Anythin’ Else Goin’ Round ..

We Been Through Enough And There Isn’t One Mystical School Aurora Didn’t Attend And MILK ~ Angels Now Placing Funny Events On My Path And Them Tests Are Quickly NAiled Having Already Been Through The Merry Go Round Enuf Times .

This Time It’s Sannyas ! Hello Osho My First Direct Spiritual Master Who Showed Up In My Dream 2010 For My First Sanyasin Experience And Blessing; He Was Rotating Like A Sufi By A Fountain And Sat There Approached Me Soon Before I Had My First Out Of Body Merging With The Universe Experience Which Drove Me To Extreme Bliss ~ Had His Gold Ring With A Peal On My Finger And That Ring Disappeared On My Journey Soon After 2013 ..

I Am The Bringer Of The Light And My Fall Into The Deepest Darkest Hole Ever Witnessed By Creation Had Me Embrace Whole-Heatedly All Goldy And Ungodly Religions And Attempt Salvation In Way More Than One Way. Too Much Fun, Too Many Systems Until I Finally Found My Burning Answers To Those: “Who Am I And Why Am I Here” Preguntas .

Yippppeeeeeee ! Then I Rode My Throne And Went Around Towns Sharing My Crown !

They Say You Gotta Have It To Lose It . Question Is How Many Losing It Does It Take Before The New Creation Rainbow Portal Actually Opens ~ No Mincing Words .

Let’s Go Yo And Please Send Out All Your Heart’s Love To The Diamond Rainbow Plasmatic Crystalline Grids As We All As One Take The Leap Of Faith ~

Love You All With My All


Here’s A THANK YOU To My Boys Meher Baba, Ramakrisha, Rajneesh (Osho), Patanjali, Bikram, Stu-Charno, David-Rodgers (( www.davidrodgersart.com )) , Arhata-Osho , David-Avocado-Wolf (( www.sunfood.com )) , Robert Adams, Guru Maharaj, Swami Ramdas , Mohamed, Yeshua (Sananda), Paramahansa Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, St-Charbel, St-Elie, Satchidananda, Udiya-Baba, Ganesha ~ As WEll As All The ARchangels, Angels, Elohim And All In Creation ~ High Councils Of Light Thanks For Bringing It On I am Your Eternal Devoted ~ Thank You With All My HEart For Never Letting Me Down!