RainbowAurora ~ TennesseeHEARTLand//KindestPPLYet!!!

Greetings Love World WOW !

Never Before In My Entire Life HAve I Come Accross Such Kind People As The Tennessee Locals. This Is Nothing I Am Familiar With To Be Honest; The Hearts Are Totally Open And Receptive And Genuinely Innocent And Kind.

Coming From Preppy Locations Where Beings Will Kick You Out Of Bars If Their Untamed Boyfriend Approaches You (Telling You They Don’t HAve A Girlfriend And Next Thing You Know THe Female BArtender Runs Forth Like A Pit-Bull And Kicks You Out Of That Bar That’s Not Even Run By Her Then You Ask Where The Owner Is At Before You Leave The Spot HAving To Watch The Band You Just Asked To Sing Happy Birthday To Your Friend To, Start To Sing, And Look At You With Surprised Eyes!)…

Or They Will Call The Cops On You Make You Sign A Sheet To Never Come To Their Bar Again After You’ve Ordered Your First Drink Single At The Bar And Gave 3 Years Of Yoga Classes On The Bar’s Sand .. For Whatever Reason That Is! Leaving You Wondering If This Even Exists As A Right In The Constitution/Bill Of Rights ..

Me Being From A Diplomatic Background All About Global Expansion, That Had Me Erroneouly Feel That All Humanity In Particular Americans Were Quite Mean Hearted (Or Plain Dumb) Beings!

I Am Very Grateful To Be Among Such Kind HEarts Now, It MAkes My Defenses Drop Slowly And Surely While The Passing School Busses With A Bunch Of School Kids WAving At Me As The Laundromat Chick Calls Out For Me And Waves Hello; This Is All Very New To Me And Litterally Makes Me Want To Cry!

Tennessee You Have Undressed Me!

So Looking Forward To Revealing My Totality To You All And Be In Service The Best I CAn !

WOW 4:04 Cheers To Changes, Growth And Unity Consciousness And Sending Out So Much Peaceful Vibes To Atlantis World Super Charged Up With Drama.. It’s In The Soil And Poseidon’s Revenge Litterally Murdered My Heart To A Point Of What Almost Seemed Like No Return … Until Right About Now!

Woooohoooo ! Things Lookin’ Fine From This Point In Time N Space!

So Lookin’ Forward To Finally Get That Pink TRuck And Cruise Around The LAnd Of The Free . USA , You Are Full Of Surprises And I Fell For Your Open Sky Moment Minus One!

XOXO Aurora !!!

Happy 4:20 And Wow To The Waffle House ! 😉