RainbowAurora ~ PurpleFlame

DESPACITO!!!!! Let’s Go Fellas N Felons YO ~~ 3D GRids Are Crumbling DOWN WAY DOWN LOW N …. We Are Shakin’ It Up Like We Just Don’t KNOW ~~~

Chaos N Order Are On And Off, Lights // Downloads ~ Crazy GAlactics Showin’ Up In Our Dreams And We Yell!!!!  .. Silence And Noise . Golden-CinnaBonBon NomNom ~

Work HArdest At Making All Your Dreams Of True Love Come True Then … Once The 12th Hour Is Knocking, Drop The Unshakable, Solid, WOnderful Feelings . Destruction, Construction . Cycles. Mysteries . Love Is Eternal . Makes You Feel Like You Did At 3 Years Old When You Did Feel Fantastic. The World Is The Mediterranean Sea. Tiny Basin And You Are The Loudest Child Ballin’ Your Eyes Out When It’s Time to Go Back Home And Eat Pasta, Hot-Dogs, Melted Cheese And Ketchup On Top (Not To Forget Squirting Some Ketchup On The Neighbor’s Cars Curtsy Of That Bad Boy You Like .

And Then On And On You Keep On Attracting Similar Amazing Experiences . We Stand Strong And Appreciative. For Ever And For Always . Secret Light Languages Made Up At 5 With The Only Chicas That Are So Space Among-st The Rest Of Them //

TAKE A CHANCE ~ King Of CLouds 🙂 Queen Of Coins . Flipem Up Like Greasy Burgers At A Hot Floridian Burger Shack . Drink Up That Strawberry MilkShake .

Passion // Fire // Fame // Sucxess ~

No Big Deal . Gang-Ho Snap On And Let Go .

Flash It Up ! Keep It Purple . Keep It Royal . We ARe The World ~

Preppy Preppy Drizzle Drop Expect Nothing. Buy A Pink CAr. Change Your NAme. Make Love. Flower Deep . Mad-Play . WIN

Stay Radical. Stay Wild. Stay Untamed. DassHowWeRoll



Cheers To My Gangstah Hoes ~ Take That CAKE // Push Come To Shove  ~ Stay On The Same TEam And Ignore The Fri-enemies . Download That Light And Watch Your Surroundings Go Super Wild Fire It Up And On N On ~~ >>> > >>> > >>> > 777 >> 12:21

xoxo AA666