RainbowAurora ~ NEWRULES

Greetings Love Beings!

This Is A Message To Spiritual Angelic Divine Fems Who Are So Strung Up About The Whole Twin Flame Dream . The Message Is Entitled WISDOM AND DISCRIMINATION // DISCERNMENT .

We Have Been Getting Reports From Several Of You Whereby You Get Totally Screwed Over By Opening Your Hearts To Sometimes Psycho Dangerous Identity Theft Criminal Mind Controllers Who Know We’re Spiritual Love Beings And Manipulate Us Into Believing They Are Our Significant Others … NO MORE < NOT AFTER TODAY.

The New Paradigm Golden Age Includes Us Fems Totally Morphing Into Bad-Ass Bitches Who Will Make Masculines Buy Us Everything We Ever Need Then Leave Them Out In The Cold. Taste Of Your Poison. Mother-fuckers Still HAve Guts To Turn It Around On Us And Our Fams Making Believe We Owe Them Something … Whaaaaatttt?!>????

We ARe No Longer Going To Accept To Be Your SCAPEGOATS That You Use To Get Over The Rest Of The Fems Who Have Already Screwed You Over Once.

BEWARE Cos NOW We Have All Awakened And You Will No Longer Get Away With Screwing Us Over.

Tada And Cianara ~

Aurora <3