RAinbowAurora ~ ShowUp,StepUp

Greetings Love Beings!

Pacifying Energies Sent Forth To Creation As We Embark On The Next Super Umped-Up Energetic Wave, As Mercury Gets Ready To Go Forward, We Send Out So Much Compassion To All Wavers! From All Of Us Here At The Finish Line 🙂 The Greater The Collective Does, The Higher The High Heart Chambers Reach-Up Connecting Up To The Star-Chakra Bringing On Manifestations Of Dreams Of True Love Come True.

We Are Still On Mission In Tennessee Heart-Land Area, Opening Up Heart Center, Releasing Every Last Remnant Of Old-Conditioning And Programing. Thanks For All The Love You Send Us Daily As We Ground More Heaven Energies For The Collective.

As The Dust Settles, Peace Is Attained Within Hearts. Much Compassion Is Sent To Those Who Recently Embarked On Their Ascension And Are Going Through The Initial Chock That This Entails .. 11:11 >> All My Love Goes To Island Timers On Island Time Going Through Turbulent Waters Due To The Difficulty Some Have In Accepting Choosing Love. You Are A Beautiful Beacon Of Light And An Amazing Love Being Who Has Assisted Endless Atoms In Restoring Themselves To Pure Pristine. You Are So Loved And Your Invitation To Joining The Love Train Remains!

Tchoo Tchoo! Once Again Sending Out Courage And High Energies Of AWAKENING Out Of Slumber And Old Paradigm To All Beings Affected By Hurricane Harvey. We Love You All So.

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RainbowAurora And The RainbowAngels