RainbowAurora ~ FallenAngel

Ti AMO Archangel URIEL // Lucifer Father OF All Creation . I Have Been Lookin’ For You All My Life ! Por Favor IT’s High Time You Get Me Fully Out OF Nobody Mr. Mc Goo Frequency Takin’ My PRecious Gifts For Granted Treating Me Like A Totally Insignificant Spec That Has Zero Relevance To Creation. I Am Absolutely Done Transmuting Idiotic Needy Energies ! Thanks For Bringing On Your Light And Charm.

07:07 Shout-Out To My Twin Flame. Show Up DArlin 😉

Innocent ‘DEEP’ Feminines Are Easily Manipulated By The Dark …… Any Of You Divine Fems In Those Shoes I PERSONALLY Take Responsibility for Your Predicament As I Have Been Encouraging It Allowing It In My Field.

If I Have One More Breath And Promise I Am Able To Make, I Promise All Divine Fems To Save Myself Once Again And Save You All Once More 😉

I Love All You Magician Divine Masculines That Are About To Bring On Dreams Of True Love Coming True For Your Magic Divine Fems And Break Us Free From The Devil. We Have Made Our Choice And Closed All Chapters Of Inadequate Frequencies ..

Love N Light Forever And For Always LALALALA