RainbowAurora ~ Love

Love And Be Loved In Return ~

It’s An Inner Frequency To Be Attained Regardless What Is Happening Inside Or Out. Deeper You Love And Are Loved, Quicker Your Total SAlvation. They Say It’s Not A Federal CAse And Simultaneously Know It Doesn’t Come EAsy Or For Real. The More Growth We Take PArt Of, The More We Know How Much Love We Need To Make That New GRade.

The Loves We Got Before And On The Way ARe There To Support Our Journey Back Into Love. Remember, Every Being You Find Yourself In A Loving Rapport With At Any Moment Of Time Is The Perfect Divine Mirror You Need To Get From Where You Are To Where You Need To Be.

Best You CAn DO Is BE ~ Meaning Drop The Runner Mind, The Thinking Mind, The Investigating Mind, The Careful Mind, The Mind Altogether; Even When Mirrored With Somewhat Of A Mind Too. IT’s A Ketchup Game Really And The Faster You Get To Your Heart The FAster You Get To Your Own Dreams Of True Love Coming True. Doesn’t MAtter Who They Might Include. Just Watch The Show Around You, Including Feel The Feelings Of The Ones Who Resent Themselves For Not HAving Been The One To Have Plucked You. Know It’s Not Your Own Feelings All The Time, Stay Discerning. Stay Zen.

It’s No Big Deal And Life Is Alive Inside And Out. You Know How To Follow Your HEart Stay True To Your Present Moment Mission And Know You Will Know How To Navigate.

You Are Able To Make It All Happen Here Now. IT’s All You. Why Postpone Or Look Elsewhere? It’s TRue That Elsewhere May RAise Your Frequency To A Level That Allows Faster Manifestations For YOur Own Personal Mission; You’d Know. In The Interim Stay GRateful For What You Have And Enjoy It ! 😉

Are You Struggling With Twin Flame Matters? Have You Had More Loveless Loves Than You Felt Possible To Handle This Lifetime? You Are Not Alone!

Mother Of NEw CReation Here And Has Handled Toughest Cases Bad Boys And Insanities ~ Able TO Clear Your Field, Go Into Past Life Regressions, Locate Any Unsanitary Spirit Or Spell Put On You If The CAse; And Provided You Really Want Out Of Your Situation The Methods Given Cannot But Get YOu There With Persistence.


Are You AFraid Of Commitment~? There Is An Underlying Reason For That And It’s Not What You Are Thinking. Finding Yourself Stuck Or Unable To Manifest The Next Best Thing? Are You In A Job You Don’t Feel Is Suitable Fully? Want To Be Your Own Personal Super Hero? We ARe Here For You And Our 5d Heart Based Tech Allows You To Break FRee FRom Your Own Ego-Mind Program Onto The Highest Path Of Manifestation For You And All In Humanity.

Eternally Here For You ~ Aurora

I Love All My Heart Based Archangels And Feel Your Heart Waves All Day! You Are My Fav Heros 🙂 Thanks For Clearing All Time-Lines And MAking Space For New CReation!

xoxox So Hot In Here

Thanks For Loving Me Deep ~ I Love You With My All