RAinbowAurora ~ Let’s Come Together

Wooooohooooo!! Secrets Coming To The Surface As Mercury Retrograde Starting To EAse Up the Veil. Connections Abounding As Mission House Fam Coming Together With Revelations. Thanking Renegade Hearts AmberAdamSamir Lucifer For The Latest Connections And Upgrades Shared And All The Synchronistic Events. Also Thanking Former Generations (Nobodies! + Uriel) For Sharing Love And Devotion On Our Path Home Into Love. Thanking David And Buddy For All The Love This Year As Well As Precious Guidance On My Personal Journey To Deliverance~

Thanking Session GAls For Also Unraveling Oh So Many Secrets And Well As The Collective For The Awakening Out Of False Prophets And Illusion.

We Got This Everyone And Our Dreams Of True Love Coming True Are About To Be Magnanimously Magically Brought On By All The Heavenly Armies!

Love You All with All My HEart You Are The Greatest Love

Being In Service To Humanity 24/7 Is What All My Beloved Angels Are About. We Push Energies And Brush All The Evil Vile Off Like It’s Pixie Dust.

Also Quick Thanks To Our Dinosaur Ancestors All Over USA Mountains Making Alien Contact For Years Maintaining Unified Field Frequencies All The Way From Virginia to Shasta.

Love You All With My All ~ Constitution And Bill’O’Rights, Thanks To Our Forefathers And The Galactic Fed For Bringing It On!