RainbowAurora ~ Blessed

Love Every Moment  Of Your Light OVer My Vessel . Love Every Breath Of The Same Oxygen That Has Been Inside Us Since the Beginning Of It All. Love To Feel Your Heart It Is My Light That You Shine Right Back At Me. Love The New Connections And Infinite Possibilities That Open As The Sky Opens. Thanks For The Helixes Of New Golden Magenta Frequencies Coming In Through The Left Side Of The Skull And Down Clockwise Exiting Through The Finger Tips And the Toes Of The Left Side >  And The Helixes Of New Golden Azul Frequencies Coming In Through The Right Side Of The Skull And Going Down Counter-Clockwise Exiting Through The Finger Tips And the Toes Of The Right Side. Thanks For The Energy Replenish For All Humanity As One As We Keep Going Vertically Out And Through The Stratosphere Onto New Age Fully Golden And Manifest and Reveal All Secrets Of The SEven Seas.

We Are SO Close It’s Getting Warmer In Here With All The Archangels Being So Much More Crystalline In Their Service Form As The Veil Thins Out And Is Almost Gone. Thanks To The Bodies That Are Serving As Simple Anchors For The Light. Thank You For Your Service And For Reversing The Cabal’s Ways On Them So Naturally.

Diamond Codes Entering As Gates That Were Formerly Hidden Are Being Shown To Those Who Are On The Path And Are Feeling At The End Of The Rope So To Say.

Get A Snack From The NEarest Gas Station And Download The Lastest Renegade Codes YO ~ Stay Badass Stay Gangstah And Stay All The Way Plasma Glitter Spice. ((HEart LightUp)) Most Importantly And Shout-Out To Hungary Intelligence: “Don’t Give Up On Love”.