RainbowAurora ~ TimeCapsules!

Greetings Love Beings !

Wow! As We Navigate Those PAths Of The Corridors We Find Ourselves On, Some Rooms We Walk Into Feel Like Time Capsule Spaces Where The Vibration Feels Like That Winners Cubicle You Celebrated Your Fifth Birthday At With Jojo The Clown You Almost Disfigured … Hearts Are So Well Incorporated Within This Invisible GRid That Looks Like A Perfect Monopoly Board With The Cop Car Driving Around The TN ((lovers Card)) County Grave Yard By The Park Where A Few Beings Walk The Dog And All The Strata In Between The Hearts Made By Each One’s Specific Set Of Circumstances/Beliefs/Saids And Non-Saids .. While I Sit As The Eternal Witness As I Am Being Allowed To Regulate My Energies to A Level Of General Acceptance As I No Longer Allow My Own Conditioning To Keep Me Aloof Having Known Way Early On The Influence Of The Death Business On 3d Humanity USA.



Once One’s Energies Vibrate High Enough, The Heart Is Able To Transmute MASSIVE Amounts Of Most Random Chamber Energetix In Little Effort To Amount Of TIme.


New-Jersey Virgo Bridge Having Massive Amounts Of GRounding To The Air Scale Sign Of Justice While New Earth Grids Are Being Moment To Moment Loved Into Creation By The Collective Heart. A Zone Out Of Time, This Plateau Is Allowing All Old Grid Structures To Completely Melt Paving The Way To Tabula Rasa Where Any True Old Flame Can Reignite At Any Moment And Mountains Can Be Moved With The Power Of Intention.

Crispy Fiery Pepper Crispers Side Of Fries And Corn On The Cob Made To Order At Your Local Time-Capsule Rainbow Bridging All The Chambers To Be Gal-activated For Imminenent Manifestations Of Rainbow Glory ; It Is Time Like At The Door Of Your Fav Lounge/Bar In Your Louboutins And Crystal Dress No Bra Or Undies With That Perfect Million Dollar Debit Card From Your Account In Arctus In Your Louis Vuitton Special Edition End Of Time Clutch.


My Energy 333 Is Your Energy.


MyExperiencesAndLEssons. Yours.


Add Crystals To Your Parks. Light Up And Fast-TRack Forward Sananda 5D And Beyond Glory …

Love Is What Carries You Through. Love Watches Over You And Your Loved Ones As Angels Lead You In And Out Of Chambers While Your Mission Is Being Accelerated By Your Loving Self-Less Service Wow!


White Dove MAgic Fairy Blessings As We Slide Down The Water-Park Slides OF THe Cities OF Light Of The Future Now.


WE ARE THE WORLD ~ LOVALL ! ArcheaRainbowAurora In Loving Gratitude To Beloved Uriel <3 Love You So