RainbowAurora ~ RestorationsRetrograde666666

Shivers. 1:01 ! Transmuting 3D In Totality ~~~

GREETINGS HUE-MANITAS ~~ AzulMagentaArmor IT’s Back To Reality Oops There Comes Gravity We Have Encountered Lilith Tonight In Her Purest Of Reptilian Form And Have Hugged Her Back Into Creation

Lava Hot Morph-ism ~ Child-Like Wonder Wowowow ! Peace N Love On Earth .

All Slaves Are Now Free!

All Wars And Riots Have Ended!

Lower Emotions Canceled Out!

Sick Minds Turned OFF ~ Sexual Desire ? HUH ?

One Universal Milky-Way-Galaxy Aurora. Innocence. Love. Hearts Open.

Dissolving All KArmic Bonds. Dissolving Old Contracts And Stories. Rise. Open Communications Between All Heaven’s TRoops And Earth’s. Greetings In The Highest Arctus Thanks For The Wish Fulfilling Prophecies And The Solid Re-connections > Bringing IT On For All In Creation It’s Time Wow Spring Dimensions


Holy Love From Your Mother-Gaia>Mother-Earth>Gaia-Aurora^Sophia-Christo$-TriNity !

It’s On ~