RainbowAurora ~ RainbowSprinkles11111

New New New Creation Energetix  Bombarding The Field ~ Magic Abounds . Love Beings Unable To Resist The Rainbow Charm~ THANK YOU TENNESSEE WOW ~ Kings And Queens REAL SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY ~ Coming Forth Offering Me Free Pizza And Drinks And Calling Their Families All Around USA Putting Me On The Phone To Get Everyone Golden Tickets ~ Wonderful Synchronistic Events !


Forward Motion As Hearts Uniting NEEDING To Step Into Service ~ Surprises Coming Forth For All In Humanity !!!


Happy Ignition To All ; Initial Shock Comin’ Round Once AGain And Here We Begin . I Am So In Love With All In Creation And In Full Support Of Everyone Choosing Love And Stepping Fully Into 5D With Us Here At www.lovedima.com ~


Intensity~~~~ “Zen Says: Think Of All The Great Words And GReat Teachings As Your Deadly Enemy. Avoid Them, Because You Have To Find Your Own Source. You Have Not To Be A Follower, An Imitator. But An Original Individual; You Have To Find Your Inner Most Core On your Own, With No Guide, No Guiding Scriptures. It Is A Dark Night, But With The Intense Fire Of Inquiry You Are Bound To Come To The Sunrise. Everybody Who Has Burned With Intense Inquiry Has Found The Sunrise. Others Only Believe. Those Who Believe Are Not Religious, They Are Simply Avoiding The Great Adventure Of Religion by Believing.” Osho Zen Tarot


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Love You All With My All Until Forever And Beyond.

Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation

xoxo 2:22