RainbowAurora ~ TheNon-CabalsAreTheTruth // CarefulWhoYouAssociateWith

Cabals Will Draw You In. They Will Make Believe They Are Your Family Of Light And Your Twin Flame And They Will Take Your Power, Your Intelligence, Your Money, Your Services And They Will Connect You With Similar People Who Are Liars, Tricksters, Manipulators And Get You Stuck In A Golden Cage Where You Are Constantly Targeted, Manipulated, Played Mind-Games With …


Please Beware Who You Are Trusting ~ I Am Super Blessed To Know True Real Angels That Keep “Saving” Me From My Utter Innocence And Gullibility .


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger . Grateful To Know The Real Renegade HEarts And Have Their Full Support As I Grow In Love and Light And Get Ready For My Total Embodiment Of My New Role In New Creation .


I Ask For Forgiveness From All The HEarts That Love Me And Have Been My Biggest Fans And Supporters For Having Lost My Way And Taken My Anger Out On Them Not Knowing Why The Weirdest Things Were Happening When I Associated With Cabals Believing They Are Heroes.


Namaste xx