RainbowAurora ~ TheLovers


Greetings Love Beings Of My HEart! Angels Wake Me Up Super Pronto This Morn And To My Surprise Is Fan Mail For www.lovedima.com Recent Posts !

Feeling So Blessed And Over-Joyed, I Love Our Dinosaur Renegade Ancestors Who According To My Current Team-Mate Here At Mission-TN Are :”As Nuts As ME” HAHAHAHA!!!!

Love My Nuthouses ~ Yes We ARe THe Ones Who Live On a Banana And Raw Egg A Day Or A Smoothie For Dinner And Make Alien Contact As We Go Along ~ We ARe The Ones WE’ve Been Waiting For !

My Heart Is So Lit-Up I Am So Blessed And Grateful For My Courage This Life-Time To Embrace Opportunities For Growth And Advancement ~

My Heart IS All Of Creation I Love To En-robe Each Atom With My Golden Rainbow Light ~ Every Smile I Draw Upon My Face Is For All Of You. Every Breath, Every Heart-Beat. Every Step…

Happy Moments Drawn In Eternity It’s All Happening Now And Always Nothing Ends It’s All Now Keep Making It Da-Vinci Brilliant Or Keep It DaveRodgers Multi-Faceted Diamond! ~ Whatever You Choose Stay Love I Am Insane Over You All ~

Love All My Yogi-Bears!!




Patience > Is A Virtue // 😉