RainbowAurora ~ Constitution+BillOfRights

Stand In Truth. Stand In Love.

Can’t Lie About How Difficult It Has Been To Release Whom I Felt Was The Love Of My Life And My Dream Come True. He Remains The Only Masculine Who Really Was Able To Make Me Orgasm Thrice Per Love-Making Or Shiver 13 Minutes Just Holding Me;

The Lesson From The Angels Here; ~ Believe In Life After Love, Reason Being All
That Love Energy Released By Me (That Started In 2015) Was All Used To Empower Another Feminine In The Same House Which Was One Of The Most Sickening Syndromes No Movies Were Made Of Yet. The Kind Of Story That Would Make The Cows Go Home.

The Fascinating Part Is That He Himself Said Mission Was About To End. He Also Shared Behind The Scene Information Saying The Woman He Associates With Who Calls Herself MotherOfAllCreation Is To Be Replaced.

All I Know Is Year 2009 I Was Literally Chosen From My Bedroom In The Middle-East By A Veteran-Mystic-New-Paradigm-Initiator-Master-Childlike-Veteran-Hollywood_Movie-Producer. Felt Instant Love In My Heart And Could Not But Take The Invite And Accept To Physically Sign A Forever Ever After Marriage License To The New-Paradigm. Since Then I Am In Totality Dedicated To Being In Service To Love And I Go Over-Board Even Though The Physical Contract Is No Longer Effective And We Are No Longer Physically Together.

I Attempted For Months To Release The Being Who I Felt Was The Love Of My Life From A Situation He Himself Showed On More Than One Occasion Was A “Catch 22”. My Heart Never Gives Up Really And Goes All the Way Never Leaving Anyone Sinking Behind.

Now I Learned That Some Beings Need To Be Standing Against Their Own God Given Truth Sometimes And That That Is Perfectly Okay. Let Go. Let God.

I Remain Standing Courageously Here. In Love. And Almost Totally Healed From The Deepest Rift Fall Ever Witnessed by History Of Humanity Hands Down.

On A Super Cool Note, Today Is The birthday Of Beloved KARMA, Daughter Of Angel Amber Dawn Who Is Uriel And My Number One Angel Of Manifestation.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELOVED KARMA AND THANKS FOR LETTING ME SAY HELLO THIS MORNING <3 Happy Blueberry Brownie Candle Moment With My Amazing Light-Fam! Thanks Rainbow Angel Karma For Allowing All Karma To Turn Into Dharma In Favor Of The Truth (Which Karma Personally Attested To In Shasta At 3 hahahaha 😉 To Come Out !!! xoxoxoxox



Time For Old Story Of Di*Ma (The*Mother) That Is Tainted With Medusa Energy Since The Beginning Of Time Curtsy Of Evil Always Getting In The Way Of Love To Be Replaced With New Story // New Creation Where Aurora Finally Breaks-through All Possible Barriers Established By The Keepers Of Time ~

Love Is About To Win BIG ~ ARE YOU READY CREATION????!!!!

Whooop Whoop!