RainbowAurora ~ Meditation7/21/2017

Greetings Love Beings !

We Begin Our Solar Eclipse Meditation Here At 8:11 am Eastern For Around 20 Minutes To Bring On Heaven Energies Into The Grid. Join Us! Time For All Lessons Learned To Be Transformed Into Blessings. Let Go Let God. Never Give Up On Who You Are. Never Give Up On Love. Keep On Rising Above Deception. Don’t Lie To Yourself. Don’t Go Into Trickester Zones. You Will Lose.


Offering Path Altering Sessions. Thanks To My Brilliant Rainbow Tribe For Being My Greatest Inspiration. See You All In The Ethers.


Lovingly Yours. Aurora Diamond Rainbow

Don’t Ever Give Up On Your True Twin . You Will Know It’s Him.

Karmics Are Here To Reflect And Offer Us The Masculine Version We Are At This Present Moment.


Also Do Learn How To Give Up On Your Twin. Life Is A Balance Of Learning What To Keep And What To Let Go Of. Let Go Of Fear. It’s Not Real. Let Go Of The Idea Of A Twin. It’s Not Real. Let Go Of The Concept Of A Twin. Let Go Of The Concept Of Being 2 As One. Give Up Everything. Including Yourself Or Who You Think You Are. Give Up All Of It And Reap The Rewards From Heaven.


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Forgive Yourself. You Are Better Than Your Own Choices And Experiences And Lessons And Blessings.

You Are Infinite.

Love You Till Forever And Beyond And Eternally Yours. AA