RainbowAurora ~ LavaHotAugustEclipseMeNot



Mother Lovers Abound As The Tribe? Follows Me Around Wherever I Go. All Over And Around Now Tennessee Is Bangin’ With Them Followers Of Mine That Make Sure They Keep The Frequency Needed. Thanks To 7/11 Gangstas Tennessee For Callin’ Me Buddy > LOL . Again No Thanks To Random Hackers Calling Me Trying To Infiltrate My Macbook Or Making Believe I Won A 5 Star Hotel Stay Just To Locate My Location. Love That Humanity Is Addicted To Me But That’s EGO. Please Transmute Your Ego and Life Is Simpler . Thanks. Step Up Show Your Face And Stay Love !


Love All My Darling Fans Everywhere Tennessee Is Super Upbeat After This Eclipse We Had A Hotel Gathering Out BAck Me Laying On The Floor And There Comes Humanity  With The Children And The Toys All Around ~ No Harm Done To My Eyes Looking Straight Into It I Am Bionic 😉 5D And Beyond Beings Don’t Get Sick And Hurt And Tired NOPE ~ I Only Know Immortal Lion Hearts And Once Again Captain Lincoln The Woof Pup Sending All Masculines On Earth Grounded Energies ~ Clearing The Sinus Cavities ~~~~~ Skulls Crack Open Vacuuming Out The Outworn Concepts Of Yester-Year Masculines ((Dog Sigh!!!)) >>>> Eclipsing New Brain Waves Of Love Wow This Love Is Quite Good Aww pup Is Sleepy Head~! Pets And Humans Gathering Around Me It’s Wonderful To Have Reclaimed My Full So Thankful For All The Opportunities Coming My Way And Beyond Grateful For This Miracle Moment Of Now !


Rainbow Unicorns Came Into The Field Through Mini-Goddess Feminine Maya! HA ~ Astounding Day Like A Day Out Of Time ~ The Shift Is Real And Here . Hollywood Calling Once More ~ Sorry Charlie! Call You Back Again Soon. When The Chicken Grow Teeth ~ You Don’t Tell Me How To Behave To Be Payed. I Tell You What You Need To Stay Alive.


Call Me For Real Reasons Next Time I Will Be Giving Your Office Sessions Automatically We All Are Buddies By Now. 7/11 Buddy Cheers. 😉




Wow Love Is Grand ~