RainbowAurora ~ HHIslandOfMisfits

Greetings Love Beings~

Eliminate/Keep. Fire Up. Stay Sharp. On Point. Stand Up For Yourself. All Your Hidden Powers Come Alive When You Draw The Energies Out To The World. Chop Their Heads Off Thanks To Archangel Michael Dreaming Me Exterminating All Feminines With My Sword Of Truth And Watching Me Do It Till The Very End And Beyond The Point Where He Is Able To Back It All Up !


Power-Over Is Not Kosher. Anything Anyone Has Over You Is An Illusion. Misery Breeds Company. Remember To Remember Yourself In All And In Everything. Get Yourself Back Up. Doesn’t Matter Who Knocked You Down And Why And What’s Up With Their Asses. Discard All Beings Who Try And Come In And Out. No Need To Fight Back.


Be Firm. Grounded. Wise. Mature. Spiritual. Throne Of Air. Stay Highest. Be A Full-On Giver. Keep Giving Love And Kindness Even When It’s Plain Shocking Yet Again. Just Kill It. Stay Present. Discard The Humans Around You’s Views for The Most Part. Stay True To You. No Matter How Strong Connections Are Or How Much You Have Produced With Beings. Let It Go We Are Here For The Silent Glory Wear Your Invisible Crown And Shine On.


Stay On Mission. Cut Chords With Feelings And Emotions Within As They Come Up. Render Yourself Real. Don’t Fall For Imaginary Success. It’s Full Of Hot Air. And It Hurts When You Come Back To Reality. Cut Chords With Beings Satisfying Short Term Desires At Your Expense. You Are Too Precious. Make A Choice. No Drama. Move On Let Go And Let Bygones Be Bygones.


Stay Grateful For What Is In Front Of You And Keep Going On Progress Route. TAKE ACTION. Follow Your Dreams. Revise Your Own Journey And Be Honest About What You Are Keeping And What You Are Letting Go Of. Life Is Too Precious!