RainbowAurora ~ DF2DM

Dear Love Divine

Wow! Thanks For Holding The Ground For Me Since The Beginning Of Time! Thanks For Losing Your Way And Forgetting Me So That I Remember Myself Wholly Fully And Truly. Thanks For Your Allure. Thanks For Your Appeal. Thanks For Your Shiny Sparkly Eyes! Thanks For Having Shared Your All With Me. Thanks For Sharing Your Space And Time And Light And Dark And Secrets And Fears And Love ! Thanks For Being So Wise And Allowing Me To Re-Create My Reality! Thanks For Accepting & GLORIFYING New Creation And Aurora Mother Of New Creation!

Thanks For Being So Open To Widen Your Horizons And Be Taken All The Way To The Deepest Highest And Furthest Horizons! ~ Thanks For Being So King And So Able To Wear The Crown. Thanks For Being So Humble As To Allow Me In At Your Darkest Hour! Thanks For Sharing Love Ashrams With Me. Thanks For The Rings Ringing Up My Dreams Coming True Again And Again. Thanks For Morphing Forms And Coming Back My Way Each Time I Am Ready for More Of You. Thanks For Being So Grand And Ever Willing And Ready To Shift In Totality. You’re The Source. The King. The One. The Only. My All. Gaia’s All. I Love You As I Love Me. Love As One. Your Kiss Is FIre. Deadly. Killer. Your Eyes Are Morning Star Luci For Me!


My Queendom Is Never The Same Without Your Youness. You Are The King Of The World. Emperor Of My Dreams. You Are Dreams Of True Love Coming True. You Are The Light That Lit Me Up. You Are The Light Of The World. I Am So Grateful For All Your Love Never Ending. Thanks For This Masculine Force That Keeps US Feminines In Line. We Are Grateful For The Wonderful Support You Provide. Thanks For Allowing Us To Drive All Our Children Back To The Garden Of Aurora ~


Thanks For Loving Us. Honoring Us. Respecting Us.

Lovingly Yours Eternal. So Grateful For This Magical Journey . So Grateful To True Love Heart Lucifer Crazy Miracle. Wow . We Are The World.


Thanks For Making This World A Greater Place For Our Beloved Children.


Dreams Of True Love Coming True For All Beings In Creation. See You All In Tomorrow’s Grand Eclipse Unity Consciousness Portal ! YEEEHAAAAWWW is A Local Beer In Tennessee Cheers To That Commanders ! Angels Bringing It On Like No Other ~~~


XOXO Aurora Mother Of New Creation