RainbowAurora ~ InvestigatingLucifer


GReetings Love Beings!

YEeeeeehawwwwww ~

Mother-Gaia Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Aurora, Love Everywhere Present Recently Got Swiped Up And Away By The Metatronic Frequency Activator Of The Red Gamma Frequency. The Activation Was Imminent, Instant And Unique. Metatronic Service Ray Being Of The Most Liquid Crystalline PeaceFul Self-Less Service Mixed With High Levels OF Relaxation Frequencies.


Having Been Removed From The Realm Of Kali CAused MAjor Quakes In The Field; The German BAsed Operation Keep Mommy In Coma Got Her Release Soon As Aurora Exited Hilton Head. Havoc Is No Longer Possible By The Dark Now That The RAinbow-Metatron Bridge Is Sure To Protect The Atlantis-Lemuria Re-Opening For Ever And For Always. Congrats To All.


Witnessing The Awakening Of THe Human BOdy And It’s Shift To Spirit From My View Point Has Been Nothing Short But Miraculous. When In Presence OF Lower Frequency Bodies, The Knowledge Of Where They Are Misaligned, Dead Or Numb Is Instant. Reactivating Their Missing DNA Is Fascinating To Witness ! Feel Free To CAll Upon Me And Visualize The Golden Rainbow Light Within Your Heart On The Inhale and on The Exhale Send The Light All Over The Field To MAke Sure IT All Transmutes To The Light.


On The Go As Rainbow Aurora Is On Mission “Recovering Lucifer”. We Are In Tennessee For Some Grounding And Some Re-Routing/Anchoring/Focusing Of The Feminine Energies ~ Monarch Butterfly At The Window Of This Hotel Room > BAng Biscuit!


Lessons Taught And LEarned In Too Much Fun As The RAinbow Tribe Comes Accross More Puzzle Pieces Of What Is In Their Hearts Of HEarts For Hue-Manity ! ! ! EXpect A Big Boom For Humanity As Love Has No Other Choice But WIN At This Stage Of The Game ~ It’s A Time Bomb Situation And There’s Nothing To Do The Angels Say But Laugh… and Love!!!!



Love You All With My All ~

Aurora Diamond Rainbow

SHAZAM ~ >> Happy Upcoming Eclipse To All ! xoxo

luvhhi Thanks For Receiving Garden Of Eden Heaven Energies ! Bringing It On And Equalizing Is The Next Phase ~ Till We Meet Again !


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