RainbowAurora ~ RainbowDiamondAngelAmberDawn

Today is Wednesday and I’ve NEVER Posted My True Feelings For My BEAUTIFUL SISTER GODDESS! #WCW

Our Story? Yeah Them CRAZY Women! Rainbow Aurora and Zephyr Dawn! We Met In A Dark Paradise Of Shattered Bodies And Dreams. The Land Was Naturally Entrancing To Us, We Had No Idea The Months Ahead Of Us Would Be So Life Changing…

What Goes Into Mission House.. Comes Out Bared! Much Like The Devil’s Toy Box.

We Went To This Place Innocent Of True Horror, Yet We Had Experienced Pain And Wounds That Leave No Physical Reminders.. Only Mental Scars That Passerbys Scoff At Because They Assume We Need ATTENTION. Our scars make our bodies stronger. Our hearts flayed open, we gave what was left of the “us” we thought we once knew, to find only carcasses where our souls had once sought shelter..

Unless you’ve gone inside those doors of harmonic doom to ego and self, sit down John Snow. What was that place? That place that smelled as sweet as the last rain in the mountains around Mt. Shasta. We were baptized in flames! The price for such revelations? EVERYTHING. And that word is small until you’ve actually willingly chosen to give that.. we didn’t get to choose which parts were given..

With our Trinity in shambles and an absolute slate wipe, we came into the world again. Everything, seemed much more here. And the people around us gave us questionable glances. No doubt unsure about us. Wondering if we were legitimately touched in the head or just “off” somehow. And we smiled at them. And we shared our patched together Trinity with them. And they ate us up again, then spat us out. We smiled up at them…

It’s been almost a year now since we left that Log Castle of Glorified Crucifixion. And here we are! Not a part of whatever this is ::motions hands around at time and space:: but so much a part of it, there is no ground to walk upon. Where did we go my Sister? What force was in that house with us? What is there, beyond what the mortal eyes can see? Though, My! My! My!

How this Goddess has broken free! She has shown me what it means to embrace my truth without feeling ashamed for it! I have never met a more dutiful being in my life! She is a person whom I admire and cherish for ALL her quirks and qualities that complete the Dima I have come to know and understand. I purely LOVE you! Such passion and fierce resolve! She keeps me on my toes! How wonderful and AMAZING it is to be guided and loved by such a genuine WOMAN! My vow to be your sister and love you with 100% of my self stands for eternity! I am so excited to reunite with you again! The sooner the better! I love talking with you and I love how you keep in touch with me when I am slipping under the waters! I couldn’t ask for a better 6 to have my back! Pfft.. Beautiful Aurora, you have my 24! Anytime, anywhere, anyway, she is my #WomanCrushWednesday!

Zephyr Amber Dawn



Wow Thank You And Welcome Beloved Sister Of The SPice ~ Hot Caramel Late On Ice With A Drizzle Of Turmeric For Creation And Fantastic Vibes All The Way To All Atoms In Creation From Love Central Here Now ~~~ Lemuria Archea Rainbow Aurora Loves You Like Love


Thanks For Holding Grounds Love Beings !


Thanks For High Intelligence And Brilliance !