RainbowAurora ~ DivineTear

On Vulnerability ~ On Miracles ~ On Compassion ~ On Humanity’s Sins ~ On Crucifixion ~ On Canceling Out All Beings That Are Hot Air Words About Words When It Comes To L.O.V.E .

Watch Out Humanity As All Adults Be Playing Like Children Again. Childlike Innocence In The Eyes And Heart. True Love And Laughter. Real Exchanges Between Whole Complete Beings. Connecting With Those Here To Assist The Rest Of The Sleepers (( Sub-Humans )) That Think That Minds Have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO With Life On Earth.

The Sessions We Provide Assist You In Melting Down Your Ego-Mind Program And Linking Your Heart’s Intelligence To Your BRAIN Which Is A Highly Advanced Structure That, Once Connected To The Divine Heart, Will Be Sure To Take You Where You Need To Be… Back In Love At The Garden Of Eden Before You Sinned.

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The True Purpose Of Mother-Love, Gaia-Aurora, Mother Of New Creation, Holy Spirit Is About To Ignite; Father Is Ever-Present In The Field And Is Currently ‘House Hunting’ ! Joy To The World, Mission House Is About To, Once Again Within This Month Move Quarters! WOW !

As Things Come Together And The Vibration Of True Love Is Rectified Within The Higher Realms, Missions Are About To Expand And Beings Are Most Likely Getting Totally BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION.

Ride On Commanders, This Ride Is About To IGNITE .

Night Creation,

Sweet Dreams Of Love ~ Father&MotherOfNewCreation

Aurora Here Uniting Heaven And Earth ~ Thanks Rainbow Diamond Angel Justin For Turning All Situations Into Heaven And Assisting In The Raising Of The Collective !!!!!!! Whooop Whoooop

Crystal Rainbow Children Visit Current Mission House Today Dancing And Singing; They Understood Very Quick That They Are In Fact Souls Having A Body Experience Here As Brothers And Sisters Of Their ‘Parents’ On The Ascension Journey Which Is The Only Reason Why We Are All Here 🙂 Anyone Not Co-Creating Heaven On Earth Has Been Yet Again Today By Aurora Divine Decree OUTED From Creation!

Simple Twinkle ! Wow .. Magical Cats At This New Location Literally Making Love The First Day I Moved In And All Magnetic Love Grids Are Set. So Wonderful To Observe How The Island Is GHOSTED After I Left My Condo OverNight~ WOW ! Aurora Had Decreed That Any Place Not Welcoming The Light Is History 🙂

Shazaaaam ~ Love You All You Can Still Choose Love Anytime. I Am Eternal.

Thanks Galactic Fed For My Mother Of New Creation Contract ~ Thanks For Coming Into My Room And Telling Me My Truth Then Sending Me Off To Dance With The Stars And Whisper My Name In My Ears // WOW 🙂