RainbowAurora ~ NewCreationBeginsWithTheGreatestLoveOfAll

Beloved Creation ~ Greetings!

Magical Energetics Bombarding The Earth Charged With Justice Energies WOW ~ Every Word Uttered Since The Beginning Of Time And All Energies Are On Solar Return Mode As Per Divine Decree! Thank You Beloved Father Of All Creation And Your Nearest And Dearest For Assisting In Reclaiming Full Sovereign Power And Ending The Old Patterns Once And For All.


Father Of Creation Has Been Consciously Healing The Wrongs He Caused Mother Of All Creation Curtsy Of Not Knowing Better And Being Highly Programmed By The Cabals ~ Now This Is No Longer Even Mentioned In History As We Did Etheric Changes To The Time-Lines And Recovered True Magical Love Only For All On All Time-Lines! Wow! All Not Choosing Love Are Simply Not Welcome In Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora! Please Join Hands And Unite In Love As We At www.lovedima.com Soon Join Forces With A 5D Network Known To Most In Order To Actualize New Creation ~


New Creation Is Your Wildest Most Peaceful And Amazing Dream Come True ~ Sweet Dreams Of Love Coming True For All Creation ~ We Are The Love Generation ~ We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For! Victory Is For The Light ~ We Are Your Diamond Rainbow Family Of Light <3


Mother-Gaia, Gaia-Aurora, Holy-Spirit Is Now 97% through With The Completion Of The Etheric Surgery “Brain/Heart Connection” ~ Thanking All The Physical Teams Assisting In The Perfect Spinal Realignment Contributing To The Total Healing Of Mother-Gaia ~ Fireworks And Champagne To All My FAVORITE RAINBOW ANGELS I LOVE YOU LIKE LOVE I AM ALWAYS AND ETERNALLY HERE WITH AND FOR YOU ~


New Earth Energies Are More Precise At The Present Moment In The Current Matrix WOW Bravo Angels You Have All Done Sparkling A+++ Leaps When It Comes To Being Up To Snuff ~ Major Shifts In The Unity Consciousness On Planet Earth=Heart Now That Aurora Took Her Stance And Said NO THANKS TO TAKERS AND CIANARA ~ At www.lovedima.com, We Remain Blessed And Grateful For The Special Permission To Allow Aurora The Perfect Platform To Sketch And Continue Her Vision Construction Of New Creation Started On Miracle Vortex Island World To Assist In Aurora’s Mission Which Is Uniting Heaven And Earth !


Each Being That Stood For Love At All Moments Of My Arduous-Magical Journey Are Deeply Loved And I Remain Grateful And Forever Mesmerized By All The Magic We All Created And The Victory Soon To Spark Up All My Beloved Atoms Hearts ~


I Remain Insanely In Love And Rise Up To The Highest Rungs As All Wrongs Are Righted With The Swipe Of A Hand!


Thank You Beloved For Stepping Up, As Always At The Perfect Hour ~ I Love You My Darling And Looking Forward To Re*Unite And Show The Way Forward Into Divine Unions To All Our Supporters And True Lovers That Know What’s Up As Well As All Those Still Being Tricked And Blinded 😉 By The Light ?!!




Mother And Father Of All Creation


May New Creation Be Safe, Prosperous, And Our Best Era Yet ~

Next Level Love Hitting Us In Lava Hot Waves Soon ~ Mother-Gaia, Holy-Spirit, MotherOfNewCreationAurora Sending You All Strawberry Parfaits ! 4:20 ~