RainbowAurora ~ Resurrection Flame Hour

Greetings Love Beings!

Here Is A Special Message To All In Creation!

After The Massive Energies Unleashed At The Lion’s Gate Portal, Massive Movements Are Witnessed On The Field. Truths Are Being Sharpened. The Obvious Is Quickly Gathering Momentum.

Old Time Capsules Of ‘Death While Alive’ Situations Are Being Totally Released In This Present Spaceship Of Healing. Strong Sirian Codes Transmitted And A Lot Of Red Lazer Energies Bombarding Humanity From Lucifer’s All Seeing I.

Misunderstandings Can No Longer Co-Exist With The Incoming Clarity.

Certain Beings Are DONE With Parts Of Their Missions And Moving Onto The Next Cycle.

Looks Like Choices Are Out There But In Reality Truth Is Choice less.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road And You Are Bound For Glory WOW ~

Sudden Doors Opening As More Sudden Ones Closing. Some Doors Closing Now Are Eternal! Release And Let Go ! We Love You So We Are Your Diamond Rainbow Family And We Salute You In The Highest!

Always Grateful For Divine Miracle Interference!

Sending Out SO MUCH COMPASSION TO ALL FEMININES IN LETHAL MODE AFTER A KARMIC ENDING. This Planet Is The Planet Of The Heart And New Beginnings Are At Bay For All Humanity in Highest Levels Of Joy And Childlike Wonder Eternally !

I Love All In Creation! Call Upon Me I Am Archea Rainbow Aurora Your Mother Of Creation!

Yours, Aurora


WOW ! Thanks Angels I Love You!