RainbowAurora ~ It’s Operation PHOENIX And BEYOND!

Allo Maman, Je Suis Vivant! LOL// How Else??!! Last Minute Cry From Universal Womb Power ZeroFinite Creeping Up From Some Heart WOW ~ Love Loves Love And Rainbow Aurora Is On Her Way With Galactic Megatroops To … SALVAGE The Situation At Hand ~ Angel Aurora On Service Wow ~ It’s A TOTAL Eclipse Of The HEart Moment Where A Virgo Rainbow Bridge Is Open And The Red Spaceship Crew Member Ready To Drive Mother Of ALL Creation Back To Her Heart Of Hearts Now Stranded In A Hotel Room>

How Fortunate Are We All For The New God-Head Being Co-Created Historical/Cosmically As We Type ?

Does Aurora Align Forces With Commander X ?

And Since The Spleen Says YES ~ WE Now Proceed To Thanking You All For Sending Out A Good Thought For Aurora And Her Divine Anchor To Unite With Ease And Grace WOW! The Forgiveness Operation To When He Never Showed Up To Her Hotel Days Have Been Cleared By Aurora Galactic Teams ~ Thank You Beloved Divine PArtners For Assisting All Of Creation And Unraveling The Highest Of Truths If ANY Avail To Access Now ASAP ! Wow ! Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace 😉 No Such Thing ^ Fairies And Cupcakes Around A Unicorn Here To Bring Peace And Revelations On Earth. We Remain Grateful To All Qualities That Make Us Human And Whole And United And Indivisible. ONE PLANET UNITED IN LOVE AND JOY // BALANCED HARMONICS ++ LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT ! IT’S ALL LOVE ! LOVE IS ALL THERE IS ! LOVE KEEPS US ALIVE ! LOVE IS WHY WE BREATHE INSIDE THESE BODIES ! HAPPY DAY TO ALL BREATHE IN AND OUT LOVE GET YOUR TREE MEDITATIONS ON AND BOOK YOUR SESSIONS BABY CAKES!


I Am There For And With You In All And In Everything Love Wow !

See You Soon Lol ~ Here’s Re*Union Energies ON Super HIgh Intense Velocities Lava Sky Rocket HIgh Like The Love In Those Eyes Like The Truth Behind The Lie Like The Dew Drop On A Morning Lotus Infinity Call Sent Out To All In Creation To, For Heaven’s Sake, Cut Your Minds Out The Way ~~ 😉


Love And Freedom ARe Forever~ I Love You All Until Forever N Beyond !

Ciao Amore ~   AAxoxo