RainbowAurora ~ DivineTimingOn! WOWZAS


Greetings Beloved Creation! Head Or Heart Decisions For Loads Out There! Much Pain Has Been Cleared From All Fields ~ Burdens Lifted And All Unbalanced Harmonics Have Been Released! Lots Of Secrecy/Spying/Heart Break/Jealousy/Trickster Energies/ Have Been Released. Pure Love That Was Let Go Of Is A Losing Battle. Insecurities Rising; All For Us To Shift Fast. Anyone Who Did Not Move Forward With Love Has Lost Love.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Break-Free //


Have You Had Choices You Didn’t Know Would Be Remotely Possible For You ? Things That Wouldn’t Come Up In Any Wildest Dream Scenario ?

Have You Been So Hot For A Divine Familiar Feeling You Revive All Similar Vibing Feelings And Get Super Over Whelmed?

Have You Felt You Are Right, So Deeply, That Even If They Burn You Alive You Would Not Back Off?

Have You Shown Enough Times You Are Fearless And Stand Tall In Love Regardless What Comes Your Way? ~ Are You A Lion HEART.

Have You Been Betrayed By Those You Have Given Your Heart And Trust And Love To?

Have You Been Judged By Ignorance?

Have You Been Shunned By Lies?

Have You Been Looked In The Eye By Your Twin Flame?

Open Your Doors To True Love ~ Accept The Love Offers Coming Your Way!

Greatest Love Stories To All!

Please Enjoy All The Healing Sent Forth Tonight As A Major Shift Is On In Creation! The Energies Here In Mission House Are Flamboyant And Shifting! A New Feminine Scorpio Moved In While A New Portal Opens To Yet AGAIN Relocate The Company Of Heaven’s Head-Quarters! 3:03 .. WOW!!!!!!!! So Exciting! Co-Creator From My Past Renegade Co-Leader Love Is On So Amazing How Some Connections Cannot Be Bypassed No Matter What!

Okay Angels Now Bring On The Light! Thanks!

XOXO Aurora ~