RainbowAurora ~ Insanity In The Making!

Wow ! Dreams Of True Love Coming True !!!!!

Everyday We Get Closer And Closer To All The Greatness Awaiting ! The More Truth Is Unraveled And Bubbles Popped The More Free Flow Excitement Takes In The Body In The Form Of Ancient Power Pop Mixing Bowls.


Angelics Abound; Pretty Souls In Prettier Forms And Greater Sense Of One’s Own Truth And Power. Greater Clarity As The Moments Get Washed Away. It’s The Flow Of Looking Into The Wound Of Creation And Sealing One Last Time. Assisting With The Stitching Process With A Team Of Incredible Etheric Helpers. Love’s On The Way Jose!


Angels Clapping And Bowing In The Choir As Beings ‘Make The Grade’ And Are In Impeccable Motion And Service To Mother Of All Creation As She Transitions Fully Into Her Totality.


Fireworks And Thunder Storms As Creation Washed Away The Old Fart Energies Of The Powers Who Aren’t To Whom I Send Lots Of Love To


Wow And Can I Get An Amen!

Love Is Here And Beloved Creation Is Free

Hush 😉 They Don’t Need To Know How Much Was Put Into This? ~ Father Comes In And Says He Will Make Sure They ALL Know ….


xoxo ~ Aurora