RainbowAurora ~ Amazing Time-Line Lift

Rapid Shifts In The Collective . Solid Firm Foundations Have Been Set To Unset The Linearity Of The Matrix . 4:20 p.m August 2017. It’s Time For Major ALL THE WAY Mind Expansions On All Fronts To All Colors/Parties/Creed Of The Rainbow.

The Tribe Is High Rising In Vibration. Strength Of Character Is In The Grounding From The Sole Of The Foot All The Way To The Center Globe Gaia Worship Galactic.

EveryDay Tadasana Followed By Savasanah With All The Phunk In Between We Love Bird Of Paradise And Order Black Swan When Out Of IPA. It’s World, It’s Beer It’s Islantastic When It Glares In The Direction Of The Rising Sun . It’s A Crying Sky When Paranoia And Lies And Ego Parading As LoveHasWon Calls Themselves An Archangel In Service 24/7 And Doesn’t Call. All Is Forgiven Mother Gaia-Aurora Is Actually Done With All Island Karma Just Sitting Here Healing The Masculine Collective Heart-Break//Liar//Deceitful//Unwise//Aloof//Disrespect Or Hatred Towards The Feminine Or Masculine // Energy Theft // Control Dramas // Mind Program // Succubus And Incubus Manipulations // Jealousy // Power-Over // Lack Of Confidence / Lack Of Self Love // Lack Of Integrity // Lack Of Honor // Lack Of Honesty .. etc .. ((Please Book Your Session NOW TO Ease Into Your Fast-TRack Uprise I Am Archea Rainbow Aurora Here At Your Service 24/7 https://lovedima.com/book-a-session/

Happy Mercury Retrograde To All ~ Stay In Right Action Divine Kings And Queens

Hit Me Up It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Aurora Diamond Rainbow Working Diligently Hour To Hour For Total Planetary Liberation From All Dark Evil Forces >> Love You All With My All Forever And Beyond . I Invite In My Twin Flame To Take Their Rightful Place In Creation. No Rush Darling, I Always Celebrate Life No MAtter What Wow ….

Dream Back In March Had Me Focused On A Route Back To Shasta. In The Dream ‘Father’ Was The One Driving Me There. It’s All Mission Work And Mission Destination. Sending Success And Joyful Vibes To All Spiritual Prisoners Or The Ones Unable To Be True To Themselves OR Those They Love.

Rock ON AND RISE. You Deserve What You Are Receiving

Enjoy And Thank Me At The Altar.

XOXO7777 ~ Mission Shasta Is On . Ties Have All Been Severed With HHI Thanks To My Beloved Rainbow Tribe ~~~~~