ArcheaWorld ~ SpiceUpYoLife

On Pulling The Plug // Repeatedly ~

Greeting Dear Ones I Am Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation ~

Here Are Some Words On Truth Everlasting ~ Trusting Oneself And One’s Heart Direction. Years Into Island Life, The Whole Field Is Covered. All Beings Singing Happily Hearts United As One. 2:02

Moving Forward Into Passion Magician As The New Leo Moon Brings On The Lion’s Gate Portal. Brushing Off The Motionless Past. Healing Phases Has Been Successful! Congrats Love Beings!

Nasty Communications; Cold Hearts And Unloving Patterns Are Officially Done With. Taking Chances Moving On From Great To Greater.  LavaHotFreeBeeEnergies Being Poured In The Grids Through This Website. 2:20 ~ Full House Time, Only Lovers Givers And Beings Of The Highest Light Around Me At All Times. The Veil Has Been Lifted. Fog Is Out. 2:22

Miracles Abound And Asking How Life Can Get Better Will Only Allow The Universe To Show Grandness. All Chips Are To Be Coming In, New Victories Bringing On New Creation. Granting Oneself The Inner Realization Of All Being So Stunning Under The Sun.

Breaking Free From All Bonds And Reattaching Chords With Highest Of Selves. Surrounding Oneself With Possibilities And Merging All Worlds As One. Having Done The Most Advanced Work On A Specific Field Cannot But Yield. Remaining In Balanced Harmonics While Growing Out Of Old Patterns. Letting Go Of Below The Surface Influences And Faulty Foundations.

Bringing On New Flavors. New Spice . As The Inner Temple Gets Completed. Feeling Community Based Trust Stemming From Great Spirit. Moving Forward In One’s Love Life Requires Going Within.

Where Are You Lacking In Your Own Inner Temple? What Have You Been Hiding From Yourself?

How Have You Diminished Your Light To Create Happiness And Harmony In Your Relationships? This Is Now OVER. Surrender Into Happiness. Old Energies Begone!! Old Programmings Begone!! From This Point Forward We Grant Ourselves Right Action And Positive Ways Of Being. Resistance Days Are Over.

Shifts In Ways Of Interacting. Perspectives Shifting. Focusing On The Joy. Bringing On The Light. Financial Issues Brought To The Forefront And Being Resolved This Month; Angels Assisting All Twins On Their Path To Union!

Every Relationship Is Eternal. All That We Have Become Converges With All That We Are Becoming. We Are Limitless Powerful Co-Creators.

Surrender To Enjoying The Unknown. Life’s A Game Rise On Up; Vertical Motion Is Track-able. Sending Lots Of Love On All Horizontal Dimensions.

Staying On The Path Of Love And Of Least Resistance. Trusting The Process. Staying Grounded And Balanced. Staying True To One’s Heart. Letting The Dead Bury The Dead. Cutting Chords Using Our Golden Rainbow Swords With All Sorts Of Mind Programs!!

Sending Out So Much Goodies And Blessings To All Fellow Light-Journey Travelers. Love U All So Thanks For All We Do Everyday! Stay Golden!

This Is A Loving Universe ~