RainbowAurora ~ Ashira//TheOneWhoServes>OnTheRelease

Stay In Your HEarts EveryOne As The Energies Are Climaxing 12:21 Soon It’s Time For Galactic Big Orgasm ~ Let Go Of All The Sorrow The Separation From Your Twin Flame Has Caused Since The Beginning Of Time.

The Initial Blue-Print Golden Ratio Divine DaVinci Codings Of Proportions Thanking All RENEGADE HEARTS Who Chose FREEDOM And LOVE And Who EMBODY The Initial INSANE SEPARATION OF ALL TRUE LOVERS ~ YIKES

Thanks For Your Tears And Pains And Transmutations On Behalf Of All Of Us At Galactic Central. We Are Your Family Of Light, The Initial Co-Creators Of The Problematic And Holders Of The Answer And The Key. We Are Your Rainbow Diamond Family Here In Awe Of Your Every Progress And Breath Every Moment. We Are With You At Your EVERY HOUR And We Are Especially There At Your Darkest Then The Lightest. We Usher You Home Into The Light And Are So Deeply In Love With You We Love You With All Of Our Hearts ! You Bring Tears To Our Eyes >> Our Highest JOY Is Humanity’s Joy!

Usher In These Energies And Share Time With Your Light Crew… Acknowledge Your Inner Child By Staying Playful And Innocent And Free And Get Your Nature On Daily !

You Know What You ARe Doing And We ARe Your BIGGEST CHEERLEADERS From Here On Forward Always Nudging You In the direction Of Your Highest Outcome And That Of Creation.

I Love Mother-Gaia Gaia-Sophia Mother-Of-All-Creation As One . We ARe Eternally Here Hooked To The Center Of THe Earth And We Hear Your Every Whim. We ARe ONE !

Join Us And Book Your Awakening Sessions To Unlock All Your Codes And Get Your DNA Upgrades On!

Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation Always Here In Service !

Happy Vacay To All CREATION