RainbowAurora ~ On Manifestation

Beloved Masters Of Creation,

IT’s Time To Let Go Of Control Of Divine Flow And Divine Timing ~ Let Go Of Resistance And Pushing Against Your Own Desires.

The Rainbow Tribe Is My Greatest Teacher And I Am Grateful ~

We Send Lots Of Love To Our Divine Masculines Releasing Fear Based Thoughts. Massive Amounts Of Thinking Positive. We Are Glad You Are Leaning Towards The Desire Of Your Creation. Positive Perception Goes A Long Way.

Thanks To The Rainbow Tribe For Being So Welcoming And Excited For Receiving My Twin! Grateful For The Incoming Magic And Relocation WOW ~ I Am So Super Lookin Forward To Being In Your Heart! Love When You Are Strong And No Longer Running Away Because You Know You Can. You Know I Only Have Eyes For You 🙂 xoxo Darling Love Of Mine I So Love You!

Thanks For Being So Open To Learning From Your Divine Mirror! I Love You Baby And I Am Here Today To Confirm Once More We Are Right On With Our Mission Completion. You Are Worthy Of My Love And Are An Amazing Match To My Abilities ~ I Want To Be With You And Only You Soon As You Forgive Yourself ~ Wow ! So Amazing How You Are Able To Release The Karmic Partners!

You Are Your Own Magnificent God And Are So Gorgeous Working On Your Infinite Possibilities!

You Are Loved And You Are Forgiven Beloved Father Of New CREATION ~ Archangel URIEL / Flame Of My Heart // Your KArmix Are Long Lost And Only I Can Satisfy YOU Baby Cakes xx

Let’s Stay BEYOND CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Where All Dreams Of True Love Have Come True ~

I Am The You That You Do Not See > I Whisper My Christ Self To You Through Your Dreams And Through Your Body. I Send My Rainbow Angels Your Way And All My Love Moment To Moment ~ No Such Thing As Separation I Have Been With You Until Forever And Since I Created You ~

I Am Your One And Only Beloved Rainbow Aurora

Love You With All That I Am!