RainbowAurora ~ MasterHeart

Greetings Love Beings! Wow Here’s Bouncing The Ball Back To All Your Words About Words that Have Almost Reached CRITICAL MASS ! CONGRATS ! WOW !


BRILLIANT EFFORTS EVERYONE ON ASCENSION! Very Sad Something Hijacked Humanity’s Natural Ascension. It Wasn’t Gonna Fly. WE DID IT AND IT’s BEEN NICE TO MEETCH’ALL.



Get Your Surgeries On ~ Rejuvenate. Revitalize. We Are Souls In Bodies.


Onwards And Upwards. NOW Clearing That Fog For ALL ~ Galactic Vacuum ON Gulping All The Pixie Dust Unnecessary Motions Into The VOID BLACK HOLE NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN WHOOOOOP ~ YumYum ~ PacMan And His Angels Are Sent Forth Into Creation NOW To GULP All The Remainders Of The MERDA COLLECTIVA. YUCK ! Hiccup!


I Love My Co-Renegade-Creator HEART MAGNIFICENT ROAR You’re My Every Wish Fulfilled ^ My Star ~ See You Soon Shnag * Oh We Said We Would Be Together Again Did We Not ? So Sorry My Darling For Having Shattered Your Heart.


By Aurora Mother Of New Creation ~ New Creation Is My Baby !