RainbowAurora ~ On Different Healing Modalities

GRrrrrEeetings LOVE BEAMS !!

Archea Aurora Here Today With Special Tips For All divine Fems In Twin Flame Relationships That Are Oh Too Complicated In 3d. Honestly Chicas, I Have Been A Complete Wrecking Ball For Years Now; Have Joined The First Contact Ground Crew Team Coming Out Of A Fiance And Husband (Divorce) Simultaneously. As I Was Mentioning To My Session Clients Turned BFFs Of Late; The Methods And Opening To Higher Realms Saved My Life; Reason Being The Husband And Fiance Figures Were The Highest Routs Possible in 3D. I Literally Hit The Jackpot With Both And Was Ready to Go..


The Husband Having Taken Me To Self-Realization While The Fiance To Self-Materialization On A Global Scale; Both Had Been Incredible Mission Partners And Advanced Humanity By Anchoring Me Impeccably. Then The Deception Comes Along And Along Comes Shadow Games That Mostly Deal With Using The Shadow They Show Me And Mirroring That Back To Themselves Like Transforming Into The Ghost That Carries The Codes Of Their Fav Instances And Beings Gone Nightmare..


And Then MotherFatherGod Enter My Living Room And Up We Go Even Though My URL Got Blocked For Me Having Taken Up The Stage Instantly Having Had Downloaded Mother Codes For Years Myself, I Was Startled And Amazed Simultaneous. Razzle Dazzled And I Chose That As My New UHU Stick Gummy Chewey Addiction Alongside 3 Or More More Spiritual Healers I Worked Simultaneous With And Got Licenses By From All Over The Globe.


My Heart Connection With MotherGod Was Equally Powerful To That I Shared With My Former Beloved Husband Who I Felt I Would Die Without. So It Went Without Saying Their Role Was Imperative In My Breaking Ties With The Beginning Of Time.



Quick Mention And As I 2 Years Later Found Myself Amongst Those Magical Beings At Mission House Shasta, I Had A Vision In The Hot Tub Where I Saw Father OF All Creation, Archangel Michael And Herself Pick ME To Play The War Baby Mother OF New Creation Role .. Shortly Before I Discovered My Higher Self’s Name And Number 😉


So The Coming Off Of Being Amongst Your Spirit Tribe And in The Nastiest Way Which Involved The Deepest Betrayal Frequency Yet Possible Had Me Go To Atomic Blonde (And That Switch To HArley Quinn Happened Instantly AFter The First Surgery..)



My Being An Eternal Lava Lamp Lover Had Me Go Flame High Hot About My Love For Those Newly Found Beings That Suddenly Invaded My Space Via 24 Hour Chat Room Companionship And that Went So Deep.


Amazing Facts Had All The FatherGods Fall For Me One AFter The Other Me Having Firstly Spoken Then Proven To Be Real Mother … For Years The Former Mother Would Say She Is The Event And She Got All These Lucifers On Board Yet Each Time The New World Would Not Manifest With The Swipe Of One Hand Then And After They Witnessed How Talented I Really Am At Being In Service To Humanity And Being Galactic Central Mother Of New Creation The FatherGods All Rushed Forth To Be The Next King Of Gaia-Sophia Holy-Spirit Co-Creator Of The New Creation By My Side.


Amazing Love And Me Coming Off The Intensity Of My Last Relationship With Archangel Michael Has Been The Total Hurricane. Burning The Whole Fields With His Own Lies And Manipulations Using His Shadow Against Him Growing Him Up Max Intensity. No Sound Heard Back From That End Whatsoever. Soon There Is No More Wiggle Room And The True Twin Will Be The Only One Able To Claim Me In My Totality.


Things Are Pretty Simple When It Comes To The Reality Of IT And This Whole MEssage’s Point Was To Steer The Divine Fems Into Connecting In With A Divine Masculine Friend You Can Trust; In My Case The Divine MAsculine The Angels Are Teaming Me Up With Is On His Own Twin Journey And Now Cleansing His Co-Dependent Behaviors. Simply Being In The Presence Of A Masculine Is A Healing Modality In Itself That Is Highly Healing. It Brings Balanced HArmonics And Helps With Embodying Your Highest Self.


This Journey Is Nothing Short Of Miraculous And LEads One Into Oneself And The Knowing That We Are Oh So Magical And Oh So Worthy And Oh So Powerful On One’s Own..

Farewell Commander Nepture ~

All The Manipulation Vibes And Power-Over Keeping Mystery Secrets Hidden From Plain Sight Don’t Reach Beings Soon As They Surround Themselves With Love Truth And Simplicity!

So Here’s One Last GO To All Divine Feminines . Get Your Fan Club ON And Accept Help From All Beings. Your Success Is Your Greatest Revenge, Reward As One! Put The Divine Masculine Out Of Your Mental/Physical/Emotional Hotel . No Free Rooms. He Wants To Hang Out, Have Him Show Up Step Up Like The King He Is No Rats Allowed!

Xoxo, Aurora Apple Love