RainbowAurora ~ Daily Dose Of D*Light 7-24-2017

Greetings Master Beloveds ~


Candy Canes And White Dove Sparkles *

Do You Feel The Slumber / Beach Bum Presence Grounding Anchoring Light Into The Darkest Spaces. Years Later It Goes Away. Thanks To Crazy Lion Heart Co-Creators Honestly Taking Chances On The Daily Dismissing Any Outside Energy Of Lower Frequencies. Thanks For My Greatest Journey And Having Come Across The Greatest Beings. Thanks For Forgiving My Insane Heart For Using Insane Means To Get What Is Highest And Most Needed For all. Thanks For My Capacity To Take The Bullets In From All Shapes N Sizes And Colors And Transforming Them All Into What They Desire.

Rose Shaped Heart Glasses

Color Classes Parachute Rainbow Masses

Open Worship This Dimension Is Our Playground

Thanks For Glazed Vanilla Doughnuts With Rainbow Sprinkles

Thanks For S’mores For Breakfast

Thanks For Snuggle Kitties And Unicorn Parties

Thanks For Sweet Tender Kisses Thanks For Mustang Babies’

Thanks For Dem Harley’s Let’s Ride > Jam/ Dance Film And Glow ~ Shine Sparkle And Glow.

Thanks For Miracles And So Much Prosperity

Thanks For The Most Incredible Magical Journey Of All With The Ending Yet To Prove To Be Super D*LIGHT

Thanks For My Magical Life, My Amazing Third Eye For All The Visions And Guidance All The Time!

Thanks To My Angelic Team For Being SO HIP! Thanks To My Nearest And Dearest Archangels Angels For Never Letting Me Stray 😉

Thanks For My Focus Powers Of ONE

Thanks For Hollywood Twinkies!

Thanks For Gummy Bears!

Thanks For Sea-Shells! Thanks For Pearls! Thanks For Funny Angels!

Thanks For Amazing Dreams Bombarding My Awareness Non-Stop! Thanks For Crystal Apparitions Thanks For Time-Travel! Thanks For Astral-Travel! Thanks For Clairvoyance! Clair-sentience! Thanks For My Ability To See Entities, Archons, Fallen Angels And For The Abilities To Cancel Them Out! Thanks For My Light Warrior Most Advanced Skills ! Thanks For My Defeating All Demons WOW!

Thanks For My Golden EYE ! ~ SnakeEye4 ~ GoldenDragon ~ YummySpice! Everything Nice ~

Thanks For Completions ! Thanks For Solar Return! Thanks For Power Of Re-Boot ! Thanks For Magic! Thanks For Newness! Thanks For Adventure! Thanks For Open Possibilities! Thanks For My DREAM COME TRUE! Bring It On ANGELS! Thanks For My GReatest LIFE EVER! WOW Thanks For My Transcending All And Everything! oxoxox

Thanks For Beloved Aurora’s Service!

Thanks For Diamonds Thanks For Shining On Shasta Thanks Creator’s Calling ~ Darling Cherry Whipped Creme Sorbet For Breakfast At $:00 A.M ~ Love My Greatest Life And Strawberry Memories Of Heaven Bound Love ! Time For More, Time For Perfect Healing !

We Will Return ! Old Things Never Die!

Lemuria Wins All ~ Love Is The Grand Ballet Served Up On The Stellar Tangible Atomic Spice