RainbowAurora ~ Green Tailed Twin Mermaids

Greetings Love Beings!

Happy Sunday And Anchoring The Belly Of The Beast To Gaia Central ~ Beep Beep Ding Dong Siren Loud Honk N Compass Magnetism ON ~

After Long Years Of Peeling Off The Onion And Going Through Cycles Of Spin The Weasel / Galactics Have Led Me To Exchange Moments With A Divine Masculine On His Own Twin Flame Journey And I Got To Witness Him Missing His Divine Feminine. Very Magical To Watch.

Spending Time With A Conscious Masculine Made Me Notice Where The Un-grounded-ness Lies And I Hear The Fear It’s In The Body Language As Well As Intonation Rhythm.

Staying In Tune With Nature’s Rhythm Is A Major Turn On For Balanced Feminines.

I Today Realize How Blessed I’ve Been To Meet So Many Wonderful Knights And Kings This Lifetime. Wonderful How Each Of Them Has It Going On In Some Aspect And They End Up Complementing Each Other. Some I Can Spend Only Certain Moments With. Others I Would Give My All To. It Was Never Yet The Whole Full Complete Picture. Some Are Too Clingy And I Disappear. Some Are Too Flighty And I Am Intrigued. The Whole Full Picture Was Not Reached Yet Only In My Wildest Imagination And That’s Ok Too.

The Great Part Is The More We Advance On This Journey The Less Likely We Are Able To Make Mistakes Really Or Fuck Up. We Know the Intensity Of The Pain Of The Getting Back Up Once We Fall So Finding Inner Balance And Strength Becomes Primordial And No Fucks Are Given In Matters Of: “Oh, Did I Lose Another Chance…” . Maybe So, Maybe Not And The Truth Of The Matter IS: If Anyone Doesn’t Feel You Are Amazing Just The Way You Are, Screw Them.

We Gave Enough, We Did Enough. Songs Bombarding My Youtube Channel Humanity Loves To Give Me Their 2 Cents .. One Says He Is Walking Away, The Other Says He Loves Me, The Next Says He Won’t Forget Me… Fantastic Love.

Love Really Takes A Certain Dose Of Madness To Concertize. Otherwise It Stays Up In The Air Like The Simple Angels That Walk Around This Island Hint At Me With A Grin All The Time.

I Remain Grateful For Having Met Amazing Astounding Beings This Lifetime That Allowed Me To Notice How Talented And Powerful I Really Am!

Great News Is That The Shoulder Pain Is Getting So Much More Intense As WE Go Along Meaning It’s Certainly Healing. BURN BABY BURN. Still Maintaining The Daily Yoga, Biking, Raw Vegan Food Mostly, Daily Smoothies And Juices, Greatest Supplements 5D Style Always Awakening All Faculties And Abilities.

Nothing Comes For Free And All The Beings Spying On My Activity To Match My Intelligence Don’t Seem to Be Getting Much Satisfaction That Will Only Come From Inner Conquest Of One’s Own Mountain Peaks.

I Simply Am the Facilitator And Love Provider I Am And Always Will Be Love In Any Frame.

True That Love Can Be Pretty Fatal. But So What.

You Hadn’t Seen it Coming .. ?! Lemme Just Say You Still Haven’t Seen Anything At All …..

Cheers To My Twin Flame. Sorry Baby You Can’t Get Rid Of Me xoxo LOL






By Mother Of New Creation ~