RainbowAurora On The ‘CaveZonePoint’

There Is A Point In One’s Journey Which Is Beyond The ‘Zero Point’. Not Many Are Privy To It As It Only Is Allowed Access For The Very Few. That Point Is Very Special In a Sense That It Feels Like A Cold Air Compress Icey Zone Suddenly Forming In Your Right Side Of The Brain And Shoulder And That Comes About When You Find Out That Truly Nothing Is What It Seems And That NoOne Knows How To Love Or Even Ever Did Love You. 12:21 ~ You The Reader Might Be Thinking Oh Aurora Is So Negative And Should Word Things Differently To Attract Different Situations But I Repeat; Not Many Have This Privilege Of Accessing That Zone.



To ME I Honestly Feel Like I Created It’s Frequentional Vibration Following My INSANE Decision Of Running Away From The ‘Palace’ And Allowing An INSANE Hollywood Movie Producer To Take Full Control Of The Reigns Of My Chariot. He Was The Driver, The Horse And The Passenger As Well As The Chariot And I Reduced Myself To A Smiling Spec Seeking The Vanishing Point Which Enlightenment Represented To Me And Actually Came About One AfterNoon As I Was Sitting On The Patio With An Osho Book In Hand And I All Of A Sudden Vanished From The Dense Physical Reality And Saw My Soul As Light Flowing Forth Upwards Towards The High Heavens With No Parental Or Socio/Cultural Attachments Whatsoever. I Became Feather Like And The State Was Like That Of A Ghost. Felt Super Great And The Only Thing That Pulled Me Back To My Body Was This Feeling Of Fear Of Not Having Accomplishing My Soul Mission In The Body In Full Totality.



That CaveZonePoint Came About A Few Months After Our Meeting And After My Receiving The Engagement Rings And Flowers At The Airport, Having Risen In Love With The Man Before I Ever Met Him In The Physical. I Was His Beloved Wife At Hello On The Internet It Went Beyond Any Connection I Could Ever Conceive Of Back Then. Then He Offered A Marriage License While We Both Were Undergoing A 30 Day Master Cleanse And I Almost Went Ahead And Finalized That Operation Until My Family To Whom I Still Had Attachments And From Whom I Had Expectations  Thinking That Love Was Unconditional And True. The Fact That They Did Not Feel Through The Lines Written By My Beloved That To Me Were Poems Of Love No Matter How They Sounded To The Rest OF The World And Their Childish Demeanor Threw Me Off But I Still Had Thoughts that Said Things To Me. My Ego-Mind Was Super Advanced Mix Of Diplomacy Gone Wild Queenie Center Of The World And Their Utter Neglect And Rejection Which Stemmed From Their Self Deprecation Almost Killed Me. I lost All Body Mass And Wasn’t Able To Menstruate For A Couple Years Sank Down To The Lowest Of The Lows Being In Fight Or Flight Mode On Edge Constantly While At The Same Time Surrendered To That Dangerous Razor Edge Love Suicide Or Sannyas (Meaning Awakening ~ In A Lingo Used By Masters And Disciples).



The Real ZeroCavePoint Came About After A Couple Of Attempts Of My Family Sending Cops To My Door Asking Me If I Was Abused *12:34 >> Abhuh? Never! I Was In Love And His Every Tone Was Heaven It Never Mattered What That Sounded Like To The Neighbors Or Looked Like To The World With The Millions Of INSANE Emails We Both Came Up With From My Personal Or His Email Address.


Until That One Day In March I had OverStayed My Visit Visa And The Cops Super Chained Me To The Bone Taking Me in Their Cop Car To Pinellas Jail While None Of My Family Members Ever Responded To Any Of My Emails Saying What Do U Want.. Me To Just Marry him Despite Your Silence? ^ Reason Behind My Constant Desire To Get Answers From Them Being My Beginning Of My Journey Of Pealing The Onion’s Layers And Desiring The Truth More Than Anything. What I Did Not Know Was That No One Will Tell You Truth On The Outside Until The End Of Time 😉 Literally!

So I Find Myself, A Young Innocent Blossoming Lotus Flower, In A Cop Car Telling The Officers About Rainbows And Heaven And Angels And Dreams Of Love Coming True And Watching Them Watch Me Closely Oh So Stupefied And Equally Scared Of A Girl Not Even Resisting Or Attempting To Run Completely Surrendered To Love; So They Called Me The Avatar/\


That ZeroCavePoint Was Reached In The Tiny Jail Cell However Many Grounds Underneath And My Crime: “Choosing LOVE On A Heartless Rational MIND PROGRAMMED DELIRIOUS PLANET”. OK ~


That Point You Comprehend And Understand That Everything You Ever Thought Was True And Right Action Is Not Acceptable Anywhere On Earth. You Understand That All The Sacrifices You’ve Made For The Land Of The Free And MotherGaia’s Heart As Your Golden Heart Is Unappreciated Because This World Is Chauvinistic And Patriarch In Nature.


This Point You Can Only Reach When You’re At The Highest Of The Highs (Siesta Key Love Vortex Island Living On A Heart Shaped Little Heaven With Crystal Clear Sands And Angelic Children) And They Take You Down To The Lowest Of The Lows Among st Killers And Rapists And Angry Criminals Who Don’t Believe You When You Say Your Crime Is Love And The Lack Of It.


In A World Where Rationality Is Ruling The Masses And After You Go Back To The Garden Of Eden Naked Innocent Pure Under The Floridian Sun Drinking Love Water With A Tad Of Lemon In Meditation And Communion And Love Following Guidance From Fairies And Angels And Tapping Into Your Own Heart. So High On Love You Don’t Even Care Who Betrayed You And Called The Cops To Get You Deported.


You Understand That The Word ‘FRIEND’ Is A Fake Concept And Soon As You Step Out Of A Certain Puss Pool And Rise And Show Your True Colors They All As One Respond With A Cold Hard Wall Of JEALOUSY ENVY HATRED AND EVIL EYE.  They Push Their Lives Further Forward Through Watching You And Mimicking You But Heaven Forbid They Ever Show Gratitude To Their Mother Of New Creation Holy Spirit Mother Gaia. NEVER. Not Over Their Dead Blackened Bodies Sauteed In Hell Sauce. No Big Deal. Every Tower Built Not With A foundation Of Love Fairness And Equality Crumbles And once One Reaches The ZEROCAVEPOINT One Can Go There Again And Again In Every Situation They’re Placed In And Take EveryOne There AlongSide Them.

I Have Warned Beings Repeatedly That If They Come Forth With Impure And Unwise Intentions Their Towers Will Crumble So I Have The Power To Show Everyone Truth Like They’ve Never Known Before.


Are They Grateful? Not To My Knowledge. They Remain Haughty And Entitled And Still Expecting You To Go To Them Again Even Though They Have Nothing Left For You But Taking Is Super Kosher.


Well That’s Not The Way Things Work.


Unless Everyone Turns Around And Calls A Spade A Spade And Honors Their Mother OF New Creation For Her Selfless Service Since The Beginning Of Time … You Will All Reach The ZEROCAVEPOINT And Call Me Crying. Nothing I Can Do I Say To You DONATE TO LOVE.



You Watch My Show Follow My Foot Steps And Feel Entitled .


That’s Not How Love Works. Love Is Real. Love Is My Heart. Love Knows. IF You Are not Honest And Give Me Scraps While You Are In 5Star Hotels In L.A Or Anywhere On Earth Cashing Checks And Not Sharing And Traveling And…. Never Turning Back To Aurora For A Thank You……. My Rainbow Angels GOT MY BACK And My Lessons Are Unforgettable!



(by EveryOne The Former Husband Is Included In The Mix. Love Harder And More Courageously Until the Tipping Point Is OutDone By The Forces Of Unconditional Love And Light. Or Stagnate In A Mind Matrix Point Of Taking Advantage And Taking For Granted Of Love Fairies Projecting Your Insanity On Them ~ Choose Love It’s Simpler For All. Mother Gaia Loves Unconditional.)


Sending Growth Hormone And Regulating Balance In The Crystal Grids. Time For Yoga Soon ~ Choose Love And Sincerity. I Go Last And Make Sure You ALL TAKE THE ROAD OF RIGHT ACTION. I AM AURORA YOUR MOTHER OF NEW CREATION.