RainbowAurora ~ On Session Follow Ups!

Greetings Love Beings!

Incredible How The Rainbow Tribe Is In Fact At The End Of The Rope Of This Giving Game … Received An Impromptu Request For A Call From A Fellow Session Colleague In Bali (Still On The Phone As I Type) ~ She Has Given All Her Power And Energy Away To A Trickster Client Who Left Her High And Dry At A Hotel Reception. Same Dynamics Since The Beginning Of Time: Givers Giving Energy To Ignoramus Jealous Lesser Feminines And Staying Innocent And Childlike In The Heart.



More Than One Session Are On That Page And It’s About Time Scales Shift. She Too Is A Libra And Listening To The Hotel Receptionist Address Her That Way Is Pretty Interesting. The Human Condition Of Humans Treating Each Other In Certain Ways Depending On Weather Or Not They Can Pay That Minute… How The Illusion Of Money RULES The MINDS Of Ignoramuses. No Heart Only Dumb Drama At The Final Hour Releasing Much Wounds Inflicted By Feminines Upon Each Other Trough Wrong Mothering Initiations And Replaying Patterns With Deep Soul Connections Dating Back From The Beginning Of Time. The Oppressor Oppressed Dynamics And Several Triangles Where An Oppressed Person In One Scenario Plays Oppressor In Another To Balance Out His Existence.



When Does This End? When We Are Done With It. Simple As That.


Feminines Stealing Energy From Other Feminines By Not Allowing Love Their Way, Or Funds, Or Fame, Or All The Above And Using Black Magic Or Evil Intentions And Evil Eye Or Judgement And Segregation Techniques Of Mass Communal Bullying Of The ‘Flower Girl’ Figure The “Nicest Girl In Town’ Messing With Her Privacy Hacking Into Her Consciousness And Devices And Online Accounts And Presence To Maintain The Illusion Of Power-Over, Mind-Games And Control.



RIDIC And Until When? We Shall Live To See But In The Interim I Send My Soul Tribe My Highest Love And Blessings And I Cut Chords With Oppressor/Manipulator/Complacent/Being Out Of Place/Stubborn/Scapegoat/Victim Energies. Ok


Please Send Out Lots Of Love And Light To Bali As Well As Los Angeles To The Rainbow Angels In Distress!


All the Amount Of Light Work Done On A Daily Cannot But End Up Reversing The Sands Of Time!

Onwards And Upwards!


Love N Light To Morocco ~ BRING IT ON ANGELS

Rainbow Aurora xoxo