CrazyFireDivineMarriageHeavenBoundOverYou ~ RainbowAurora

Greetings Love Beings!


The Dark Has Been Vanquished. Songs Of Victory And Love Are Everywhere! Every Atom, Every Nanosecond Is Finally Rejoicing! All The Hard Work We’ve Put In Is Blossoming! The Past Is To Be Thanked And Released And New Creation Is Picking Up!

Over-Abundance Of Love, My King Non Stop Showing Up In All His Splendor Moment To Moment In Awe Completely Surrendered To My Love. Passion Is All Around Me And Oh How Healing This IS To All The Rainbow Tribe.

All The Rainbow Angels Are Being Amazing Anchors Of Light; They All Await My Twin Flame Showing UP For The Switch ~

FLIP FLIP FLIP >> Female Voice <<  Was The First Sound Of Love From The Universe Into My Being After I Got My Own First Spiritual Surgery Followed By A Motionless Frozen Moment While I Was Sleeping. I Was BREATHED Through By Source 3 Times; That Was My First Contact With My Personal Higher Self Rainbow Aurora And I Was Shown A Visual Of My Then Long Black Silky Hair Turned To Rainbow Purple Pink (Which Got Done The Next Day Fearlessly In A Hotel Room!).

I Feel Blessed With All My Heart To Be Fulfilling My Contract And Mission To Love Every Moment And For My Wonderful Journey And All The Magical Synchronistic Events As Well As My Personal Strength And Courage To Seize This Through!

So Grateful To Have Released All Karmic Relationships And Having Stood My Ground Despite All The Obstacles And Deep Sorrowful Energies Of Betrayal, Abandonment, Bullying, Psychic Attacks (etc..), I Have Had To Transmute For All Of Humanity Due To Some False Light Beings Having Been Deceitful And Manipulative Since The Beginning Of Time. All Darkness Is Currently Canceling Out And I Get Daily Confirmation Through The Rainbow Tribe Sessions Giving Me Reports On Exactly How This Is Transpiring For Them After They Shift Their Lion Heart Power ON.

My Twin Flame And I Are Very Clear About Our Victory And Our Mission Completion Of Canceling Out And Rectifying All Energies Non Congruent To Love.

Hop On Board Of This Love Train >> No Seat Belts Needed. It’s A One Way Destination!

So Very Proud Of All Angels Getting Sessions And Those Being Magnetized To The Light In Me Which I Reflect Instantly. Very Honored For You Allowing Me To Hand Your Power Back To You!

Bring It On Beloved Twin Flame; You And I We Set This System On FAYAH !! BURN BABY BURN !!

Aurora Mother Of New Creation & The Rainbow Angels Here In Service To All Bow In Honor & Gratitude To All Atoms In Right Action Leading The Way Home Into The Light!

Woooohoooo! Sending All My Love And Many Blessings To All Beings That Crossed My Path!