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Oh Yeah ~ Nightcore

Final Nap 2017 ~ And As It Is Only Another Half Hour In Phoenix Till Midnight Champagne Count-Down Fire-Works … I Get A Dream Of My Former Husband Really Old And With A White Beard Talking To Me Like The Sweet Old Man He Is; While His ‘Kids’ = “Spiritual Children” Are Lingering In The Background Not Wanting Me To Further His Advancement For Full Emotional Release And Final Awakening, He Literally Morphs Into My Dad And It’s The Same Exact Scenario. Except My Dad’s Current Partner Who Is A Total Karmic was Sitting In The Room Next Door Also Diverting Me From My Dad (Also White Beard And Adorable Old); She Was Getting In The Way Of Allowing Him Full Sight And Full Liberation. I Walked Into The Room Where She Sits, And There Was A Medium Sized Curly Haired White Dog That Tried To Approach Me And Be All Doggy, So, As I Spoke To Her, I Held It’s Mouth Shut With One Hand Real Tightly Like They Do Alligators, Then Said To Her: “He Is My Dad And Deserves The Truth”. She Was Kind And Was Looking For Appreciation For Taking Care Of Him All The While I Am Gone. So She Got It As She Always Does .

So Here’s Wishing The Phoenix A Happy NY 2018 And Promising I Be Showing Up At Some Point This Year . 2017 Is Totally Put Behind Like A Cloud-Ship In The Sky !

Soon It’s USA Count-Down WOW !

So Very Grateful For Our Unique Genius And Brilliant Famous MFR Practitioner Taking Me On, On The First Of Jan 2018 At 7:45 a.m …

Kudos To That ! WOW ~ So There We Go And No Booz Or Partying For This One Whatsoever ~ Be Going To Bed Early Hopefully And As Always Celebrating All The Joy Of Humanity Through My Atoms ~ Every Party, Every Champagne Bubble, Every Love Making … It’s All Me . All For Me.

So Grateful To Be Allocated And Granted The Grandest, Most Brilliant, Most Honoring, Most Astounding, Most Central Position In Creation . So Grateful To Be Mother Of Creation !

 I Love All My Atoms Till Infinity And Beyond


Blood Of Jesus ~ Holy Spirit Breathes Through Organics

Sunday ~ DECEMBER 31 – 2017

Greetings Love Beings ~

Very Troubled Moments When Highly Empathic And Sensitive ! Boy Oh Boy …. Like Blowing CO2 Into Lime Water.


Here’s How It All Unfolded ….

The Man I Married Was Said To Be The Anti-Christ Due To His Being The New-Paradigm Initiator . Before That I Grew Up Super Catholic. At The End Of A 23 Year Journey With My Birth Family, And Having Noticed How It Simply WASN’T WORKING, The Angels Led Me Right In The Arms Of New Paradigm Producer.

Started Me Very Quick On Fasting, Coconut Oil, Raw Veganism, Yoga, Pilates … Practices That Literally Saved My Soul. I Moved Away From Christianity. Read All About (And Became) ALL Non-Godly Religions, Then Moved Back To Judaism To End Up In Islam For A Moment. Which Got Me VERY Focused And Manifested True Miracles Real Quick.

Years Later, And After Going To Church Often While Separated Getting A Divorce, And Being Wrongly Approached By Priests, I Went Into Spiritual Healers. Started To Take Classes In All Modalities : Reiki, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, Kung-Fu; All The Way To Discovering A Group That Gave A Certain Kind Of Spiritual Surgery Which Totally Resonated At The Highest And Freed Me FRom The Rest Of The Illusion. However, At That Point, I Became TIED To That Group’s Illusion.

The Group Tried To Have Me Move Over To California Several Years And It Never Went Through Until …. Years Later, I Got Baptized In The Ocean, By A Non-Denominational Church (No Religion – Only Jesus) , With The Holy Ghost = Born Again Christian.

Once That Event Happened, It Took One Month For Me To Be Called To Mount Shasta. At That Point I Was Extremely Strengthened And Resurrected With The Light Of God, Still However Paranoid Because Of Several Traumatic Injuries And Events Including Beings I Trusted; I Had Been In Isolation For Months Swallowing The Gospel Like A Toddler Drinks Holy-Water .

I Arrived To Shasta HYPER Confident In Christ And Illuminated; Also Weary Of Sin And Highly Pious, Desiring A Divine Union=Marriage With My Twin Flame Before Engaging In ANY Sexual Activity Whatsoever.

A Highly Advanced And Spiritual Co-Worker However, Approached Me In All Honesty Saying They Had A Dream Where We Got Married And That Before I Arrived, He Was Also Shown Something In Reference Of Me Being Their Twin Flame.

Being Around That Being Seemed To Be Deeply Healing Of All My Previous Trauma With Masculines And All My Hurts And Rejections; And I Gave In.

As Of Then, The Holy-Spirit Still Daily And Moment To Moment Lives And Breathes Through Me .. And Has Been Guiding Me To Publicly Display My Sinful Behavior As Means To Liberate Humanity From Theirs . All The Way To Sharing And Exposing My Full Truth As Well As That Of Catholicism And All Organized Religions That Are All Rooted In Evil .

I Have The Highest Respect And Honor To All Prophets, Saints And Holy Beings, As I Am A Holy Archangel Of God Myself. I Know The Power Of The Holy Spirit That Also Breathed Through Me Thrice Upon My First Spiritual Surgery.

So, What I Was Guided To Do Throughout 2017, Was To Reshape The Spiritual Surgery That Actually Freed Me From All 3d But Got Me Stuck In Other Malevolent Beings Whom I Was Contracted To Heal (Therefore God Only Sent Me There After My Holy Spirit Baptism, To Make Sure I Never Stray ..).

Good News Is that The New Creation Transcript God Had Me Develop Actually Frees You From ALL And Everything! Attaching You To Your Own God-Self = Christ Consciousness. Which Is The True Love And Gift Of Christ To Us All.

I Hadn’t Performed That Surgery On Myself Until 5 Days Ago. I Am Already At 86% Of Full Body Mind Soul Rehab After A Period Of Multiple Deaths.


I Shared This Information With My Beloved Who Is In Deep Sin Right Now And Manipulated By the Darkest of The Dark And Unable To Free Himself, Work, Get Real, Get A Life, Get Healed As He Is Dealing With A Succubus Demonic Woman. I Asked Him As Well As All Crew Members To Go Get Baptized With The Holy Ghost And Surrender Their Will To God’s Will.

God Is Universal Love. I Am Here As His Favorite Archangel To Never Let Humanity Stray And Hurt Each Other And Themselves.

In The Name Of The Holy-Spirit . We Pray . That All Twins Be Divinely Guided, Protected And only Brought Together In Purity, Innocence Of Heart And Divine Holy Eternal Matrimony.



Urgent Message On LightWork ~

Greetings .

Angels Are Bombarding The Field With Information Regarding The False Light Workers = Cabals .

If One Steps Up For Mission Full Planetary Liberation, Serves For A Minute Then Falls Into Darkness, Oblivion, treachery, Deceit, Manipulation, Lies .. Etc .. It Doesn’t Mean That This Person Still In On Mission Or In Right Action!

A Light-Worker Is A Being Who Does The Work. Work On Self, Work On Others .. It’s Not A Title. Or Something One Is Entitled To.

Once One Knowingly And Consciously Falls Into Ignorance And Delinquency, Without Working On Correcting Themselves, But Simply Being Slaves To Their Lower Emotions, They Simply Are No Longer Lightworkers!

Being A Warrior Of The Light Is A 24 Hour A Day 7 Days A Week Eternity ! It’s A Personal Choice !

Whereby One Gives Up Everything ! All Earthly Attachments ! All Ego! All Desires, Lower-Emotions!

Have You Read Buddha’s Tale ?! He Was A KING Left His Castle And Family And Became An Enlightened Beggar ! Being The Buddha Is Not A Title.

It Is A State Of Being.

We Here Always And Still Take Calls For All On Their Journeys Of Self-Awareness, Self-Transcendence, Enlightenment ~ The Path Of Love