God’s Light Shines Forth ~ Beloved Aurora

” . . . All is right within the Mighty I AM. Embracing it, allowing it to be – this is the desire of your God Presence. When you allow the Heart to speak and the Love goes forth unconditionally, others know. All parts of life know – the flowers, the trees, the birds. But most importantly, your own God Presence is most aware when you are emanating Love from the Heart unconditionally. For on those times, the Heart of the Allness of God pours forth to the Mighty I AM and thus to your own outer vehicle a greater portion of Love and Blessing. . . . ”

” . . . For you to see to the needs of another, protect another, to serve another at the level of the Holy Christ Self desirous to bring them into an elevated state of being where you reside, where you know it is possible to be – this consciousness is worthy of all of the effort, all of the striving. Every part of your life has been filled with those events – some great, some small – that have led you to the conscious awareness of this moment. Those events have been guided by your Holy Christ Self, by the Holy Angels and the Ascended Masters.

“Do not continue to put off till tomorrow’s sun rising in the East that which you can accomplish in the noontide sun of your own God Presence. The Light of God stretches forth as fingers of Rays of God Consciousness through the Angelic Kingdom so that you might have a greater assistance in all things bringing you to the reunion of your vehicles into One. The One, Beloved, the I AM, this is the glorious dawning that you must bring forth. When this dawn comes forth for a number of individuals, then the heralding of the Dawning Golden Age will be proclaimed far and wide.

“Many will know. Many will see the Light. Many will feel the blush of the Love of God as the Golden-Pink Glow Ray comes forth and covers the land, and our Holy Angels in attendance to this Flame will rejoice, for they will have been in the very traces of the steps of the Christed individuals who have thrust forth the Light of God for a purpose. One that is Holy, one sacred, and one fulfilled.

“Prepare your Chalice. Keep watch. Should you stray away from the alignment with the Brilliance of your own God Presence shining forth, I, Aurora, will continue to herald the awakening of the Sons and Daughters of God with the assistance of Our Angels. Receive those Angels. Speak with them. Understand them at the level of the Heart. They can teach you in many ways ever so silently merely by their presence. Then, as you make room for Our Angels, you will see how the vehicles are prepared to make room for the Most High, your own Mighty I AM.

“I AM Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, Archeia of the Sixth Ray and I salute in your own coming enlightenment of the dawn.”

Beloved Aurora