RAinbowAuroRa ~ On Staying True

Greetings Love Beings!

As Mentioned A Final Purge Of Energetics Was Established Allowing A Full Release Of All Karmic Patterns And Relationships Which Resulted In A Love Donation To Lovedima.com ~ the Donation Came From A Place of A Last Attempt By A divine Masculine Of Ownership And That Had My Bank’s ATM Swallow My Card ~


Question Remains … Dear Hilton World .. Are You Worthy Of One More Minute Of Aurora ?

I Have Served And Lived In All Your Homes Listened To All Your Stories And Broken Hearts And Was In Too Much Of Self- Depreciation To Accept To Receive Abundance. Now And After You Have All Seen Me Rise After You All Tried To Diminish Me By Projecting Your Misery On ME, You Can No Longer Act The Way You Used To.

Are You Going To Choose Love? My Heart Is Tender And I Gave You Many Years And Chances. Last 9/11 You Chose The Hurricane. Now The Wave Is Entirely Up To You.

You Want To Be God-Head Or You Want To Die? Choice Is Yours ENTIRELY 😉 Good Luck

{{{ Filmed A Cool Vid This Morn Giving Way More Details About The Current Energies; Wasn’t Able To Post And Still Am Not Able To Post Due To Patriarchy Still Trying To Rule Love Having The Internet Guy Cut Off My Internet Connection }}}

Love Never Lets Any God Child Down. It’s Time For All Divine Masculines To GROW, Step Up And Rise And Be In Service To Their Mother Of NEw CReation Aurora ~

As Mentioned In The Film I Wasn’t Able To Post, The Only Man That Can Sit By Me Has To Have Transmuted  ALL Lower Emotions, Ego, JEalousy And Has To Be Able To Handle ALL Of My Magnanimous Being-ness And Essence. A True Emperor, King, Lord Of All Lords ~ 444 / 333 / 222 . I Am In Each Room For All Beings I Am All Beings TRue Love However My Sexual Portal To My Heart Of HEarts Only Belongs To Him And I Send Out A Prayer To Mother Mary On The Last Few Days Of Her Month To Bring Him On. Someone With A Pure True Heart In Service To Love, Aurora, MotherOfNewCreation, Here With Me With No Agenda But To Unite HEaven And Earth In Our Hearts Together In A Childlike Fashion.

I Would Never Be Anything But A Queen To My King And Am Truly Grateful For All The Old Illusions To Be Crumbling So Fast!

Hold Tight Children Of THe Light, The Ride Is Only About To Accelerate As More Of THe FAKERS Are Showing Their True Colors.


Love TRUMPS All And Ego Is TOAST NO BUTTER … Remember To Remember Yourselves In All And In Everything!

As I Kindly Said To The Multi-Millionaire Today When He Asks If We Can “Hang-Out” … I don’t Have That “Privilege” … I Am Here Buying Time To Make Space To Stay Love. They Still Have Trouble Comprehending Reality Due To The Manipulative Feminines That Take Advantage Of Men Using Them For Drinks And Drugs And Space And Time And Fame. I Am A Queen Even If I Live In A Sardine Box Under A Tree And The Fact That They Can’t Honor Themselves Is Beyond Insane! Patriarchs Prefer to Be Lied To And Manipulated To Not See The Truth.

Time To Heal Dear Ones.

I Am Too In Awe And Love With All Your Hearts To Fool Anyone.

Wake Up And Choose Love ~ Yours Eternally // RainbowAuroraMotherOfNewCreation

*Your Choices Are Always Honored In The Highest! And That Includes EVERYONE No Exception ~

It Has Been The Norm To Me This Lifetime To Listen To Masculines Say: “Don’t Compare Me To The Rest” … Huh??? All Same In My Eyes and Heart! Love Beings Here To Serve Love And Provided Hilton World Chooses Love They Get To Keep Me Around Otherwise I Honor Your Choice And Send You Lots Of Blessings And IT’s High Time For Me To Let Spirit Take Me Where I Am Loved And Honored And Provided For Just For Being Me. I Am ENOUGH, I Am Worthy ~~ Ask Jesus 😉 xoxox